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Friday, 26 February 2010

Parkinson's Law

Now, some of you will have heard of Parkinson's Law - the one that says work expands to fill the available time - but I think there needs to be a Crafter's Law that says stash expands to fill the available space and then overflows.

When I acquired my "studio", as I pretentiously like to call it, (well, it's one end of the conservatory) I thought I would lose myself in all that delicious space.  Big, empty cupboards to fill, miles of lovely clear work surface and all that.  So why am I now restricted to a space no bigger than my cutting mat to work on and have nowhere to hide things any more?!

That's it, housework-allergic Squirrel is going to do something unheard of before (well, certainly in the last five years) I'M GOING TO TIDY UP and I shall be RUTHLESS!

I can feel a nervous twitch coming on .........



☼ Cheryl* said...

I have to clean today too!! My partner has been away since Tuesday so I've turned the living room into a craft room and rearranged the spare room where my craft things are. Today I have to get my craft things back into the spare room and make it look all tidy. I feel tired already :(

Anonymous said...

te ehhehheee!!! I would come and help ya...... But I know anything you wouldnot be able to find after you might think I have sneeked into my bag one the way out!! PMSL!!! soooo you see oh twitchy one your on your OWN!! hahhaa!! te ehheee can totally relate to your problem though! you don't even wanna see my desk! as I sure can't! heheheee :0) have fun! and remember any unwanted stash can be sent to me! I can get my hands on plenty of empty boxes! wink! If I were you I would just get a box put it at the end of your desk and with your bushy tail sweep the lot of your desk contents in! sort it later!! pmsl! :0)

Cathy said...

Well while you are tidying Squirrel ... I've got space to accomodate some of your stamps!!!
Shall I write a list LOL!!
Cathy xx

Anonymous said...

I suffer with crafter's law too!! Careful on the tidying front: you'll never find anything again ;)

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