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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

You're Glad It Hasn't WHAT?

I had my six month check-up on the ol' war wound yesterday - having trawled through the x-ray routine and sat down again in the orthopaedic clinic (I have never seen so many shapes and sizes of plaster cast in one room) I was called through to see the consultant.

"Well" she said "it's looking good, and I'm pleased to say the metal work hasn't moved"

You can probably imagine the expression on my face!

Anyhoo, she's pleased with progress and next follow up is in another six months.

Not quite so hoppy, Squirrel xx


Kaz said...

Great news for you, so glad!
Kaz xx

Sarah said...

That's fab news!
I have to tell you though, it can move! I had a metal rod attached to my spine and unfortunately it started moving at the base so had to have it removed. Luckily it was no longer needed as the spine had fused 11 years earlier but it was still major surgery to have it removed.
Keep up the good work!
xx :0)

Cynthia said...

Yikes Squirrel what have you been up to? Glad to hear that you are recovering ok. Mum never had a plaster cast on her broken leg, so I'm getting familiar with orthopedic clinic's too.

Enfys said...

Glad you are getting on okay, glad your leg is all in one place, just don't do any clubbing for a bit :)
big hugs
En xx

Sarah said...

Sorry Squirrel, didn't mean to scare you!! Mine might have come loose after an accident so have myself to blame!
I think they said the last time we had weather like this was 1981 so I'd have been 2! just woken up to another 3 inches on top of that now!
Take care
XX :0)

Uma said...

sounds as if your doctor at least is pleased, poor squirrel :o(

JulyeB said...

Hiya, my son is having to have his surgery redone after having his ankles fused nearly 2 years ago, his left one worked brilliantly, his right which had 2 screws and 2 staples didn't work so well. One of the screws started to work its way out and you could see the head through his skin so he had to have that removed in day surgery. Then he was suffering pain, and 2 consultants later they decided the grafts hadn't worked so everything was still moving and that was the cause of the pain. ^ month ago he had th screws and staples removed and hopefully next week providing he hasn't got a cold etc and everything is well he will go and have the proceedure done again. Then he will have once again screws and staples in both ankles, to go with the plates he has on both his thighs where he had his femusr tops cut off and turned slightly when he was 7yrs old. He is looking forward to his surgery as it will relieve the pain but not to having bone taken from his hip for the bone graft.

The one thing he does complain about is the cold as he says he can feel it on the metal work does it affect you? Hubby has plates where he broke his wrist and he says the same.

So keep your fingers crossed that the metal work doesn't move as it could if you are really unlucky and don't be unhappy but positive that it's still where it should be.

Jackie said...

I am so pleased for you Squirrel, just keep thinking positive thoughts :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

Good news :) :) :) :)

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