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Friday, 1 January 2010

Not the card I expected to start the year with


Cathy said...

Beautiful card Squirrel.
Hope ou are OK.
Cathy xx

Jackie said...

Beautiful card Squirrel but what a shame it is for such a sad occasion!
Jackie xx

Uma said...

beautiful and very elegant

Pauline C said...

Beautiful card Squirre - sorry you ahve such a sad occasion to start the New Year
Pauline x

TallyTalulah said...

Beautiful card - but it's such a sad way to start the crafting new year.



Zippy said...

Gorgeous card hun, like it so much better now that I can see it 'close up'! xxxx

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Squirrel. Hope you are ok?? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Squirrel Sorry you have had to make this card,,, I can totally understand how you feel... my thoughts!! please ring me if you wanna chat(home phone) mobile is off til 6th) hugs to ya :0)

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