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Monday, 25 January 2010

Difficult Card Order

Don't you find it hard to make a card for someone you have never met?  It's not like you need to know them inside-out but sometimes I find it much easier if I can picture the person.  Or is that just me?

Anyhoo, my friend Linda has just found out that she and her staff are being made redundant next week as the shop she manages is being closed.  Linda has been there over 20 years.  She asked me to make a card for each of her three girls and the only info I got was one likes shopping, one does crafting and one goes clubbing!  OMG!  Clubbing?  My memory of night clubs is dingy, loud music and sticky floors!  Have they changed any in the past 300 years? 

Have I got it about right do you think?

Off to have a try at a Valentine card now for Mr You-Know-Who!

Hugs, Squirrel xx


Wishcraft said...

Oh they're perfect hun, I'm sure they'll all love them. Love that Elzybells crafter image, it's fab! Lisa x

craftymum said...

How sad that they are being made redundant. However I am sure they will love these cards you have made. I really like the "crafty" image
Love Sarah xxx


Fabulous cards Squirrel
Hugs Dianne xx

JulyeB said...

Hi squirrel, I think you have made some fab cards and how nice of your friend, it must be heartbreaking for her as she must have really loved her job to stay in one place so long. i do agree with you though its much easier to make a card for someone when you know them of a bit about them.

Must tell you, was telling my son about your trip to the dentist, hope you're feeling better and not in any pain, and the tooth fairy keepsake gift your friend gave you, not to be awful to you but it set him into a set of giggles, he thought it was such an insensitive gift to give you but as he has a really wicked and sadistic sense of humour it really tickled him so thank you for making him laugh it set the day off on a really positive note.

Tracy said...

Love the cards and they are perfect for each person.
Happy crafting

Anonymous said...

Perfect 10/10 :)

coops said...

3 brilliant cards hun.they are perfect.i hope your friend and colleaugues are soon back in jobs.been there twice and its not easy.best of luck to them all.luv coops.xx

Jackie said...

They are super, don't think you need to worry about them :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time! brilliant selection of cards hunny, whom ever these are going to they will be happy and they will put a smile of their faces even if you don't know them! :0)

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