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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Memento Ink - Can anyone help?

A non-blogging mate of mine has just said she is having problems with Memento ink "bleeding".  She is using Bristol Board and colouring with ProMarkers so I am puzzled as I've never had this happen and can't think why it is.

Any of you more experienced crafters out there got any ideas please?

Squirrel xx


Lisa said...

Hi Squirrel, I use Memento and Promarkers and don't usually have any problems. However, if using a new ink pad I do leave the images a couple of hours before colouring because I have had "bleeding" when ink pads are new (more inky). Hope this helps.

Lisa x

craftymum said...

Hi Squirrel,
This can happen occasionally with Memento Ink and certain types of card stock. I recommend Versafine Ink Pads. I demonstrate with these at shows with Promarkers rather than Memento.
Thanks for your email. Love Sarah XXX
P.S. All our snow has gone!!

☼ Cheryl* said...

This has happened to me too! I'm pretty sure it's my card. I bought some from papermill a few months ago and it worked fine but when I had to get more, I must of gotten a different type.

Sarah said...

I have the same problem some times with my copics, memento and bristol board. I sometimes wonder if the pen is too inky as it's quite often my darkest colour that bleeds. Had issues with it this morning, grr!
xx :0)

Aunty Sue said...

find that my ivory makes my inks run both memento and versafine

Jackie said...

I always stamp with Memento onto Staples 160 gsm thin card. It has a smooth surface, dries immediately and has never bled so far. I presume that any smooth card would be just as good. It does bleed if I stamp onto porous card!
Jackie xx

Debz said...

I started to have that problem with Momento ink and Bristol board too. I now use Rymans coated card stock and haven't had the problem since. Although I tended to get the bleed when I blended a lot and with all colours but mainly the grays, reds and skin tones.

Marcea said...

Hi hun, my copics bleed like mad with BB but have now also switched to Rymans card and it blends like a dream and is a fraction of the cost too :o)

Shelly said...

Hi Squirrel, I use Memento ink with my Promarkers and have not had any problems. I use REY 160g thin card which is very smooth and is suitable for inkjet/laser printing too. You can blend without any problems, it resists well. I have used Versafine ink too but find that this sometimes bleeds a little. Hope this helps, hugs Shelly ;)

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