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Saturday, 23 January 2010

I'm Back!

What a day!  So glad it's almost bedtime.  Hubby has been an absolute star today as this morning I was the nervous wreck from hell. 

When we arrived at the dentist there was a lady coming out, very groggy, with her daughter and the dentist helping her to the car.  You could see from her eyes that she had no idea where she was and she had two great lumps of cotton wool sticking out of her mouth.  I nearly passed out there and then on the driveway!

Once I got in there, after the usual struggle to get an xray plate in my mouth (I have a very restricted bite since breaking my jaw in three places in a car accident), the dentist put the tight elastic round my arm to raise a vein and then injected the sedation stuff.  I remember him saying "you'll feel light headed in a minute, just go with it" .... and that was it.  The rest of the day is total fuzz.  Toad apparently got me home about an hour later and I have done nothing but sleep!

Had a couple of sloppy Weetabix late this afternoon and just had a bowl of soup with tiny cubes of bread submerged in it.  It's like being 5 years old again.  Had to take a couple of painkillers earlier but don't feel too bad at all at the moment.

Sedation is definitely the way to go!  Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers, I am certain they helped.  Be back with you tomorrow with some cards.

Oh, meant to say, you can go off some people really quickly.  My friend Jacqui with whom I often get a lift home from work gave me a small gift wrapped package last night - it's a "Make Your Own Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box" !!!

Hugs, Squirrel xxx


Saskia said...

Take care! Hope you'll feel beter soon!!

Saskia :)

Emma said...

Oh you have been soooo brave well done you and even being able to even step over the dentist door first of all. lol at your "friend"
take care and rest up xx

Lins said...

Hi Squirrel,

I hope you feel better soon, I get all nervous too just thinking of my dentist even though she's a sweet person ;-) So I understand you completely...

Big 'feeling better' hug,


Caroljenks said...

Hi Hun :)

So glad you're ok - fancy seeing that on the way IN! Maybe next time you should have the 'Happy Jab' BEFORE you leave the house!!!

So have you made the 'Tooth-fairy keepsake box' yet? You could always make it up and give it back to your friend after crossing out the 'fairy' bit!!! ;)

Carol x

Wishcraft said...

Shuddering slightly reading your post - I'm totally dental phobic and I really have to go but daren't! Glad it wasn't too bad though, hope you're all better soon xx

JulyeB said...

Hi Squirrel so glad everything went ok and thank heavens for sedation, I reckon we should all have our own secret supply and then we could just totally block out the bad things in our lives. glad to here mr Toad is looking after you just as he should. Andrew asked about you yesturday when I told him you had to go to the dentist but had sent him get well wishes , he's learning who my blog friends are or maybe squirrel and toad are just names he remembers as he thinks theyre fun but he said he hoped you went on ok so I can now tell him.
Take it easy and keep popping those pills before you get any pain, and the tooth fairy box gift made me smile, its a good job the giver was your friend? best wishes for a speedy recovery Julye

coops said...

hiya squirrel.so glad that is all over and you don`t remember having it done.luv coops.xx

Mandy said...

Hi hunny, hope you aren't too sore today.
There's a little something for you on my blog
love and hugs Mandy xx

Sarah said...

Hiya Squirrel, hope you're okay now and not too sore. I'm glad that Mr Toad has been looking after you and that you don't remember any of it. Take care of yourself.
xx :0)

Anonymous said...

So glad you got through it in one piece. Good old Mr Toad :)


Oh my goodness Squirrel, i felt all funny reading your post, im soooooo scared of the dentist, i am definitely going to go the sedation way if i need any work done!!! hope you feel back to normal soo. Loving your card the image is fabulous, and mens cards are always so hard!! thank you for the inspiration. Have a good afternoon and plenty of rest hunny, big hugs Linda x

Pauline C said...

Oh Squirrel so glad you havew come through it and resurfaced ... yes it sounds like sedation is defo the way to go ....hope you're soon feeling perkier hun
Pauline x

Tracy said...

I'm so glad it went well Squirrel, It's all over and done with now! Chin up love, the pain will go soon.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

pickle said...

I am dentist phobic too so can completely understand where you are coming from .. your story did make me chuckle a couple of times though lol... Hope you are feeling better
kerry xx

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