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Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I am officially fed up with snow!

With a bit of begging and negotiating, I left work at 4.20 this afternoon and at 7.50 I walked in the front door.  Total distance - 6 miles.

Yep, 6 miles.  After an hour standing in a blizzard there was still no sign of my normal bus so when the Park & Ride for this end of town came into sight I got on that.  An hour and a bit later we were still queuing in traffic to get out of town.  On finally reaching the Park & Ride depot, I then had to trudge for a mile back to home and the snow is DEEP and I've only got little legs.  I have no idea how my knee is because I currently can't feel it but I suspect when it thaws out I may be using a few bad words.

Snowy Squirrel xxxx


angel4031 said...

Awwwww hun, I feel your pain I sttod for 35 mins waiting for a bus to turn up to go to work then on coming home I got on the first bus which broke down right in the middle of the main road we had to flag another bus down & get on that, it drops me 5 min walk from my house but there was a bus that stops right outside my house at the bus stop so I got on that only to go 2 staops & get kicked off & have to walk the rest of the way, your hating snow Im hating public transport!!! lol

craftymum said...

You poor thing. You really have had it bad there. We have snow here. We had 123 children away from school on Wednesday!!!! But it isn't as bad here, although when I looked out of the window 20 minutes ago it had started snowing. Now as I look it has stopped.....but for how long? Good thing we crafters have a good stash of goodies to keep us creative and stop our fingers freezing!!!!!
I think I am going to hibernate until about July!!!!!!!!!
Love sarah XXX

Pauline C said...

Oh you poor dear !! You must have felt absolutely desperate!! If i were you I'd get a brandy down you!! I am totally full of cold sitting here and I've not even had a 'mare like you've had. Our house just aint getting really warm .. even after the heating has been on for hours the living room is still barely bearable, and the other rooms are perishing even with the Central heating on!! Can't wait for the weather to thaw ou!
Pauline x

jaydubblah said...

I so picked the right time to take a break from work - can't imagine what it would have been like trying to get to Sax! Take care Jx

Jackie said...

OMG Squirrel, what a marathon that was. I hope your knee dodn't suffer too badly for it! It's snowing again here and set to be heavy tomorrow and Monday, although it's not as bad as you seem to have it, thank goodness.
Warm hugs,
Jackie xx

Uma said...

hope your knee doesn't start hurting too bad

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