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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Three Wise Women!

On struggling through the snow into church this morning, we were given the latest edition of the parish magazine and on the back page was this little gem that I thought I would share with you because it made me smile:

Imagine if the Three Wise Men had actually been Three Wise Women - they would have asked for directions, turned up on time, cleaned the stable, delivered the baby and brought practical gifts!

Squirrel xx


Naomi Johnson said...

LOL! oh so true! thanks for sharing x

Susan said...

LMAO - soooo true! What would Christmas be without women - I know I organise ours, and I'm sure the vast majority of other women do to!
Merry Christmas

Wilma said...

hehehehe - so very true squirrel! :) xx

Mrs Bs Blog said...

That is so true, squirrel. We females are so good at multi tasking, unlike most males. :0) Merry Christmas
Hugs Val xxx

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