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Friday, 18 December 2009

A Slightly Chilly 24 Hours!

Evening all (as PC George Dixon might say), hoping you are all safe and well.

It's been a tad on the chilly side in the East of England (the lumpy bit on the right hand side) this past 24 hours.  It started snowing about this time last night and settled fast.  I got home from work ok but it took poor Toad nearly 2 hours to do 6 miles to get home from the station later in the evening.

This morning, on opening the curtains, we were greeted by a blanket of nearly pristine snow (I say nearly because there is always someone who has to stamp through it to spoil the effect LOL).  Toad decided, wisely, to leave the car at home and went to get a bus in the hope that the London trains were running.  I rummaged about in the wardrobe and ferreted out my thermal long-johns and, duly attired, put on three pairs of socks and my floral wellies.  I trekked off for the bus, half expecting to find Toad still at the bus stop but he'd gone by then.  Bus turned up on time but it took nearly 1 1/2 hours to get into town.

The office were sensible about the snow and let those of us who'd struggled to get in leave early.  I left the office at 3.30 and spent 50 long, bitterly cold minutes waiting for a bus home.  When it did eventually turn up, it was like sardines.  I've only been in a few minutes (2 hours later) and have got my toastie slippers on and a mug of hot chocolate on the go.  I think I might dip my feet in it as I can't feel my toes yet.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are safe and warm with your loved ones.  Hoping mine won't be too late getting home tonight!

Squirrel xx


Sarah said...

You certainly have had a tough day!! We were lucky that our trains were running okay. I don't think we had anywhere near as much as you.
Hope Toad gets home soon and that you can have a good evening. Enjoy your hot chocolate!!

xx :0)

craftymum said...

What a day!. Glad you are home safe and in the warm. Hope your husband gets home okay too and have a hot drink ready for him!!! Oh can''t you tell I work in a school.
It's very cold here in Wolverhampton -2 but no snow due. Hope you have a good evening squirrel
Love sarah W XXX

Squirrel x said...

My lovely little Toad has just walked in the door, bless, safe and well, if a little blue around the edges! Sxx

Jackie said...

We have been lucky here in the southeast corner of Derbyshire, we only had a few fluries leaving a dusting of snow, but it froze immediately at about 4pm yesterday and hasn't thawed since. The wind has been really biting and I am sitting here in a tee shirt, thick socks, jimmyjams and thick dressing gown and still I can't get warm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Methinks I will be wrapping myself in my afghan in a few minutes!
Jackie xx

Squirrel x said...

How do you wrap yourself in a dog Jackie? Oooh, not THAT sort of Afghan!!! Silly me! :oD

Pauline C said...

Brrrr!!! Glad youa re now toastie Squirrela nd that Toad got home safe and ok. I have been Chrimbo shopping tonight til 9.30pm ... new soopa doopa shopping centtre in liverpool is normally open til 8pm but 9 in the run up to Christmas ... and NO snow here .. in fact it was sunny this morning!! Very cold though .... I've had my big fluffy hat on!!
pauline x

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