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Saturday, 7 January 2012

What a dappy Squirrel I am .....

Morning all.  What's that outside?  Good heavens, it's SUNSHINE!  I vaguely remember that, lol!  Still very breezy here but thankfully nothing like the gales we had earlier in the week.  Today is the first time I've seen the garden in daylight since then and we seem to have got away with it lightly, just one broken pane of glass in the greenhouse.  I hope that you are all safe and in one piece. 

Now, some of you will know that it is a totally mystery how my mind works, and here is an example of how totally dappy I can be at times.

Thursday night, while Toad was on the Wii Fit, I thought I would make mum and dad's thank you card and I knew exactly which stamp I wanted to use.  So, out came the LOTV boxes and I started to rummage through the "girls and boys" box.  It wasn't there.  Had a ferret through the "animals" box, in case I had slipped it back in the wrong one.  Not there either.

Having checked the "Christmas" and "still to be EZ mounted" boxes with no success I then started to panic.  I went back to the first box and emptied it right out onto my bench and went through them methodically.  I did this with all four boxes.  No stamp.  I even checked to make sure that I didn't have two stamps in one sleeve.  No stamp.

By now I am in a total fret.  Could it have got caught up with some stuff I'd thrown out?  Toad told me to stop muttering and use something else instead.  INSTEAD??  Anyhoo, as time was getting on, I grabbed a stamp and made a card.  Here it is:

By the time I had finished, Toad had gone upstairs for a bath so I made a start on getting some supper.  He came down, took his tray and toddled off to munch in front of the tv.  I stood in front of the microwave waiting for my bowl of soup to heat up when, suddenly, D'OH!!!  No flipping wonder I couldn't find that stamp in my LOTV boxes ......

...... it's a SUGAR NELLIE!!!  Oh I cannot tell you how STUPID I felt, but so RELIEVED at the same time.  The thought of losing a precious piece of rubber nearly sent me into spirals of hysteria.

So, all is well.  The stamp has been found, mum and dad got a thank you card that they will still love, and Toad has had it confirmed that his missus is a complete nut job.

Right then, off to have a go at some of today's challenges - will be back later.  If I can find the right stamp of course!

Hugs, Sxx


Cathy said...

Fab card Squirrel, love that kitty. You did make me smile!! So what's the stamp then that caused all that searching? I have a tendency to mis-file my unmounted stamps, Dave reckons it's because I have too many!
Have a fab weekend.
Cathy xx

Curlybear said...

Wow this is absolutely gorgeous Squirrel its such an adorable image.

I loved your limerick its brilliant how old were you when you wrote it?

I only cycle to keep fit, its not as often as I'd like but i have every intention of changing that in the spring lol but as for the tours no I have never watched them.

Have a lovely weekend
take care Hugs Bridget :0) x

Zippy said...

Superb card hun, cute image and love the colours and papers!

Also love the 'grown up' header!


Wishcraft said...

Gorgeous card hun :o) Love that cute image (even if it's not the one you planned to use!), fab papers too - so pretty. Lisa x

catherine said...

what a stunning card. That's the sort of thing that I would do as well. At least you remembered and didn't think you had lost it forever.
x catherine

Michelle said...

Hahaaa that is funny -- & something not out of the ordinary around here -- I swear I am losing my mind at the young age of 44! Thanks for the laugh -- & your card turned out beautiful! Happy Saturday to you!

Claire said...

Love your card, such a cute kitty. Hugs, Claire x

Pink Dandelion said...

lol I'm always doing this, especially with Sugar Nellies. Your card turned out perfect anyway. Debs xx

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

brill card.... glad you found your stamp in the end... wow how organised r u... boxes for each brand of stamp... mine just go in a large draw... lol...

Christy Beans said...

OK, when you do that with a stamp you DON'T EVEN OWN yet, you can join MY club. =) It took me forever to pare down my order to meet my budget for LOTV stamps, and I was sure I bought the one that I kept taking out of my cart and putting back. So the other day I went to get it from my stash... searching fruitlessly, until I finally thought to check my order sheets. Daftie. So, I guess I'd better get that one next order. LOL

In the meantime, another superb Thomas from you. I can hardly wait for another whole year of Squirrelly fun! Happy New Year, my bloggy friend. =)

Chrissy said...

Oh! Dear...I would have loved to be a fly on the wall...lol..[unless you had the swat out]..I think we may have all done something like that Squirrel...I'm bad with digis, just not writing it down 100% can send me into a tail spin...talking of tails..love the new header, she is adorable...
Fabulous card for your Mum and Dad..


Faith A said...

Love your story, had a good laugh, I thought you may have found it in the microwave!
Doesn't matter love the card, and the paper is a perfect match and I'm sure they will love it.

Lisa Jane said...

oh this is so cute .. and i love those papers
Lisa x

Sharon said...

Sunshine? I'm not sure I know what that word means. It feels as if it's not shown its face for at least 10 years :o(

What are you like?..lol I'm also curious what the Sugar Nellie stamp is. You've done a brill job with the LOTV stamp though, but then again I don't think you could ever make a naff card no matter what stamp you used.

coops said...

lol.sounds like you were climbing the walls.now if you can help me find 3 pairs of xcut scissors.i keep buying a new set and i keep losing them - forever :D
love your card hun, yummy backing papers and colours and the image is really sweet :D

xx coops xx

Joan V said...

Oh, this is a darling card even if it isn't what you really wanted to make. It's amazing that you can remember all the stamps you have, yet the name, too! I keep stamped images in a notebook for reference.
Don't you just hate it when you can't find something? Glad you found your Sugar Nellie. Have a great day.

Sarah said...

Oh Squirrel you do make me giggle!! Put a smile on my face.
Gorgeous card, love that cute kitty. I'm not sure mine has seen an ink pad yet and I've had it since the release!!
Hope you're keeping well.
Sarah xx :0)

Rufus said...

Love your new photo! (didn't know that you had those lovely tufts on your ears, lol) You gave me a good laugh, have to say I needed it! I've been known to turn out the entire studio, only to remember oh yes, left that at the other studio!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr. Hubby is convinced I'm a total nutter as well. He's pretty much learned to ignore any mutterings coming from my studio.
Hugs and thanks for the giggle,

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