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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Two Very Important Questions

Right, first things first, today's two card posts can be found here JUST MAGNOLIA and here LESS IS MORE

So, I have two very important questions for you:

1.  Do cats have a prescribed number of miaows to use up in a day?

2.  Does anyone know if you can freeze cheese (Cheddar) and how long does it keep for?

Hugs, Sxx


LouDotMac said...

A 1: Definitely NOT!! My cat would meow until her throat dried up, especially when there is food involved.
A 2: Yes, aslong as you grate it, and it would probably keep for quiteee a while.

Fluffles said...

I agree, cats can meow for ever - especially if their food dish is empty! As for cheese, haven't got a clue, but you could Google it. Jx

Marg said...

I can't help about the cheese but No, cats can meow ad infinitum. I've read that it can be like a type of Alzheimers - it gets worse as they get older and that was certainly the case with ours. Meow, Meow, Meow for no apparent reason. Sorry probably not the answer you wanted to hear. x

Chrissy said...

Cats: well, it is spring...maybe it's calling for attention, fixed or not, thay are that way inclined.
Can be a gentle meow, or a howling meow.
Cheese: grated for sure, great for cooking, or eating, but can go a bit chewy for just eating.Sort of like eating cornflakes on a sandwhich.


Pops x said...

I use primila or something like that, squirty cheese in a kong for the dogs to stop them chewing furniture, and i freeze it over night so they spend hours trying to get it rather than furniture and they are always ok so i would say yes, hugs pops x

Debs said...

What a question lol. Can't help with the cats but I freeze any leftover mature cheddar I have, just grate it first 'cos it goes crumbly if you freeze it in the block. -x-

Anonymous said...

PMSL!! you are so funny Bird! I love it! and the girls that have answered so far had me in stitches! Chrissy!! awesome! yes I agree Cheese does freeze better cooked afterwards! But have to ask why would you?

Cats when I had them never shut up! lol Mind you this gosling takes the biscuit! sheeeesh! xx

Kat said...

Think cats could miaow for eternity if they felt like it. As for cheese no problem to freeze. I'm sure I've frozen it in a block or grated without any problem. But at the moment I've got lots of packets in my spare fridge (I tend to buy some every time Tesco has an offer on and it keeps for months). I should say I've only got an extra fridge cos we inherited a fridge freezer in the kitchen when we bought the house and I kept my own one - we drink lots of milk so the space is useful!

Kat xx

Rufus said...

Well everybody beat me with the answers! My kitties could meow forever! As for cheese, sure I freeze grated cheese all the time. But then I use it for cooking, not just eating. I take it Vince has been vocal lately?! Give him a pet for me,

coops said...

never tried freezing cheese hun but you get it on frozen foods so would of thought its fine.
as for miaow`s,my mr felix seems to be getting more vocal just lately especially if he wants feeding or when i let him in, in the morning.i normally get a right story off him as he comes through the door :D

xx coops xx

KOLOROWY ptak said...

Love what you've created here!

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