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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Commenting Apologies

Hi Guys, just popping by to explain - I am having horrible problems with commenting at the moment.  I sign in, check the Reading List in Dashboard, as I normally do, and then pop over to your blogs.  Unfortunately, when I arrive, apparently I'm not signed in!  I try to leave a comment but just keep getting shuttled between the comment box and the sign in page.  I sign in again but Blogger either isn't recognising me or it is our IT system at work being a pain.

The blogs that have commenting pop up on a separate page seem to be ok, it's the ones with the comment box embedded at the bottom of the post that I'm having problems with.

So, even though I've not left a comment this week, chances are I have been to visit you!  Hope this resolves very soon!

Hugs, Sxx


Pamela said...

Think lots of us have been having the same problem. I couldn't sign in yesterday, but have been able to today. Hope things have settled now.
Pam x

Jackie said...

Same here Squirrel, I am so glad that it's not just me after all!
Jackie xx

Doreen said...

I have the exact problem too.xxx

alethea said...

I'm having the same problem too!! Hopefully it's fixed soon!!
HUgs xx

Chrissy said...

Me to Squirrel. driving me crazy but at the moment I have fixed mine.
When you sign in there's a little box that says 'remember me' or 'keep me signed in' take away that tick if it is there, or put it on if it isnt there, I've been pretty good since I changed that..good luck


McCrafty's Cards said...

I have had the same problem, ive done the same as Chrissy and it seems to have worked for now.
Kevin xx

LouDotMac said...

I think everyone's having the same problem. Stupid blogger!! I hope it fixes itself soon! Goodness.

xo Lou Mac.

craftymum said...

Hi Squirrel
I have been having the same problem too.
That explains why you have commented on your win on my blog!!!! Yes you won my 2nd Blogaversary candy!!!!
can you email me your address. ( I do have it somewhere actually)and I will post it out to you
hugs sarah x

Claire x said...

Blogger up to no good again ... mine actually has been fine, so I hope it gets fixed for you and everyone else soon. Hugs, Claire x

Janet said...

Woo hoo......did what you said hun and it worked! Thank you for the kind comments on my funny little bear lol! x

Kat said...

I've not had this problem but probably only because I haven't had time to do much commenting! I know what you mean though because it has happened to me before now.

Kat xx

ambacrafts said...

Coooeeee Squirrel,
Here's an old friend saying Hi and thanks for being a stalker lol. Your cards are as beautiful as ever.
Cuddles to Vince and Hi to Mr Toad from me.
Take care luv n hugz A xxxx

Delphine said...

Thank you so much hun:-)! It is working indeed now! MWAH, MWAH! Lots of hugs Delphine xx

Pops x said...

clear history cookies and cache and it should work for you sweetie x x x

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