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Sunday, 29 May 2011

No Card Today But A Sneak Peek Of Tomorrows

Hi All!  Hope you've had a good Sunday.  Now, because today has been such a huge event in the Formula 1 calendar, I've been a total petrolhead and have spent most of the day glued to the BBC for their FANTASTIC coverage of this year's Monaco Grand Prix - shame the race ended the way it did, but well done Jenson for a wonderful and totally brilliant drive.  You woz robbed mate!

So, because I've been such a couch potato (do potatoes jump up and down and scream I wonder?) I haven't had time to make a card but I have got an image and all the papers ready for something for tomorrow. 

Here's a tiny sneak peek .......

We've had a very late dinner today, I'm full of herb roasted butternut squash, loin steaks and cabbage, so am back downstairs in a mo to flump out to watch Disney's Tangled on DVD!  What a lazy Squirrel I am!  See you tomorrow ......

Hugs, Sxx


Chrissy said...

ooo...love sneaky peaks...sounds like a wonderful Sunday to me...I had my Nana nap, now its Monday morn for me..off to the mines..lol..

Leann said...

Hope you enjoyed your potato day - I'll come back tomorrow for a look at your card {peek looks fab!} :) x

Rufus said...

Good for you! Squirrel's need a day off occasionally, too! Loving the coloring on the sneaky peak.

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