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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Last Call For Candy!

Just a gentle reminder that my 1,000 Hits Candy deadline is midnight on 4 September, don't forget to put your name down if you're interested.

Funny thing is, it looks like I need to start planning the next one soon judging by the speed that little countermebob is whizzing round.

I am so chuffed that you are kind enough to keep popping back to see what I'm up to, it's heart-warming (gosh, does that sound too icky?). It's true, I'm an emotional and sentimental ol'Squirrel.

Thanks so much for all your continuing support and kind words of encouragement.

Squirrel xx


Mandy said...

Aww lovely speech. Keep making those fab cards hun and I'll keep popping back, yours was one of the first blogs I started following when I found blogland xx

Samantha said...

well done hunny your going great guns now!! Fantastic cards and lovely blog!! well done you! and I have now managed to add your cany to my blog! yours is the first ever blog candy I have added to my blog too! yippee!! :0)

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