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Monday, 12 October 2009

Up Up and Away

If you have any doubts about going to see this movie, with or without kids, put those doubts to one side and get your bum to the cinema! Don't be fooled by this being a "cartoon", it is a wonderful piece of entertainment.

Toad and I went today as we had a long weekend and I am sooooo glad we did, except for the 3D glasses which were a nuisance. If you can see the non-3D version so much the better.

Be warned though, for every laugh there is a tear, and I was crying after the first ten minutes.

Another winning film from the Pixar Studio and highly recommended for a lovely warm, fuzzy feeling.

Squirrel xx

PS. The short film before "Up", "Partly Cloudy" is a miniature masterpiece of animation.


Tara said...

Ooooh thanks for the review Squirrel...... my kids are wanting to see this at half term and I'll definitely be taking them along now ;o)
Hugs Tara xx

Debs said...

Oh this sounds fab Squirrel, my daughter has been going on about this film (it seems forever). Might just have to go and see it now. Debs xx

Jackie said...

Last time I went to the cinema was 1989 :o)
Jackie xx

Uma said...

yay! you know I love my Pixar I'll just have to convince someone to come with me

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