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Thursday, 29 October 2009

An Apology

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to take the opportunity to apologise for the lack of postings, challenge entries and blog visiting - it's been a pants week at work as my boss is on holiday for the half term week and I've been left to my own devices. To say it has been flat out frantic is the understatement of the year. On top of that I've had a flare up of sinusitis with the accompanying blinding headache so it's been an all round fun week so far.

So, if I have missed any of your wonderful creations I am ever so sorry BUT I have next week off work (hurrah) so hope to have a proper catch up then.

Missing you all.
Yours, ready for hibernation
Squirrel xx


Mandy said...

Oh bless you hun, you don't need to apologise, we'll still be here when you are able to come out and play again lol. Sinusitis is horrible, I lways call it face ache and it just keeps on coming back as you will know, hope it eases soon hun
hugs Mandy xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh it's face ache all right, left eye, cheek bone, teeth ....... grrrrrrr

Tara said...

Take care hunny, thought you'd been a bit quiet. Sinusitisis is such a horrible business! Take care and try not to work too hard :o)
Hugs Tara xxx

Liz's creative corner said...

Hope your feeling better soon, I've never had this but I had a infected wisdom tooth last week and if it's anything like that I hope you never get it again xx

Hugs Liz xx

Pauline C said...

Aww hun sorry you're run down and run off your feet ... hope you soon feel better and manage to get some rest
Furry huugs
Pauline x

Helen said...

I thought you'd been quiet! lol
Hope it's not too mad at work tomorrow...and I'm sure you'll enjoy next week! :0)
Helen x

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaww poor you! hope yor Sinusitisis clears up soon and you have a fab week off next week!
Know what you mean about Cr*p weeks! I can really relate to that! so hope next week is a really relaxing one for you! hugs from me!!

Mina said...

ouch I feel for you...take care of yourself
Mina xxx

Tracy said...

Awwww, I suffer with sinusitis regular, not very nice, I now have a spray for my nose and I don't get it as often as i did. Take care and looking forward to seeing more of your creations.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Jackie said...

Good to see you Squirrel, wondered where you were. I hope the sinusitis is gone now.
I have next week off woek too :o)
Jackie xx

Marcea said...

poor you hun, hope you get through today and then you can enjoy your whole week off. Don.t you hibernate, we love you too much

Shelly said...

Hi Squirrel! Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good, hope you pick up soon! I know what you mean about work, sometimes it just seems to take over everything, I'm sure you'll enjoy next week a lot more! No need to apologise, just pop by when you get the chance!
Hugs Shelly :)

Uma said...

no worries, sorry to hear work is so bad

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