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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

5000 Hits Candy

Hi All

That little counter is clicking it's way round again (it doesn't seem 2 mins since I was excited about 1,000 hits) and will soon be marking up the 5,000 hits milestone.

I'm planning a little something but just wondered what you would like to see in candy if you had the choice?

Be interested in your answers.

Squirrel xx


Kary Sol said...

Great blog and 5.000 it's just start!
Thank you....
I like stamps. More and more stamps... (it's my illness :)
Thanks and welcome to my blog ( I too have a birthday candy)

TallyTalulah said...

Flowers and ribbon are my thing - anything really as long as you don't have to have your own blog to join in.


Helen said...

Hhmmm...as I'm on a stash diet (as you well know) anything would be good! lol
Just as long as it doesn't contain any calories! ;0)
Helen x

Pauline C said...

Woo hoo hun! Anything! My advice hun from doing my own advice is keep it as flat as possible (plenty of scope for unmounted stamps, ribons, small paper packs, flowers .... ooh i'm getting carried away now lol!!) - it does help when you find yourself posting to the other side of the world lol!!
Pauline x

Aunty Sue said...

oh like the sound of unmounted stamps and embellishments and agree now with the postal charges flat items are good. Well done on the hits fab blog

Queen La Rubba ~ Rachael Doxsee said...

5,000 is just around the corner!!
I like stamps, beautiful papers, riboons and sparkly things!!

Caroljenks said...

Congratulations on your hits Squirrel :)

Candy??? Well I like anything! Charms, Galaxy, Flowers, Dairy Milk, Ribbons, Thorntons, Buttons (that one covers craft & choc!)

I've been buying little 'extras' for a while now ready for when I do my first.....just trying to think of an occassion to celebrate!

Carol x

Jenz Bitz 'n' Bobs said...

Hi Squirrel I'm quite new to the blogging world and can't imagine 100 hits let alone 5000 hits. Well done you and it's a fab blog.

If your doing blog candy anything would be nice it's very kind of you all to do this. Jenny x

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