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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Something A Bit Different (for me)

I am not a domestic goddess, by any stretch of the imagination.  Let's face it, I don't dust until things start growing in it, so when the Toad said about getting a man in this week (while we're off work) to have a look at refitting the kitchen I nearly went into meltdown.  It's a bit like doing the cleaning yourself before the cleaner come in to do the cleaning - I just felt I had to clean the kitchen before it is ripped out!

We started on Monday in the garage - we have one of these really silly "tandem" double garages.  It's only one garage wide but two in length.  So, we had the idea of dividing it up, keeping the front as a usable garage and having the back, which is accessible from the kitchen, as a huge utility/store.  But before we could even think about measuring, we had to find the floor.  How is it possible for two people to accumulate so much rubbish?  I reckon Toad will have at least four trips to the tip.

And as for the kitchen which we did yesterday, why would anyone collect beer bottle caps?

Anyhoo, it is now all clean and shiny and ready for the man with his tape measure at 2.00 this afternoon.

Now, I don't know who talked me into this craft fair but I am beginning to regret saying yes.  I have been using every opportunity to make cards to boost the stash for sale.  Here's a couple I made that are quite different from what I would normally do

I went a bit Hero Arts for these two - the flowers are from the same set, and the sentiments are from two different HA sets.  Papers are from scraps box.

Then, for whatever weird reason, I had the urge to make a Treasure Box.  Not done one of these for a very long time.

Now that's out of my system, I can get on with making a range of "age" cards for this blasted fair!

Hugs, Sxx


Aj* said...

Just ordered our new kitchen, currently trying to empty the current one & trying to find room all over the house to put the boxes filled with *misc kitchen stuff* sooo not fun, but new kitchen is a high gloss white & with the kitchen being on the shade side of the house it'll be really nice to have a bright kitchen instead of a dark and dismal room.

craft fairs, god we must be mad, the two that im doing have taken over my life as I try to push out as much stock as is possible to push out in the 2 weeks i have left.

Hugs ))


Chrissy said...

They are really lovely, simple, and very pretty cards Squirrel.
I just got roped into a craft/fashion show evening...good grief...why do we say yes...


Aunty Sue said...

lol just reading the replys and your post brought a smile had the same thoughts while down sizing being of the year and only here a few months omg the amount of rubbish we have collected. Just said to son we need to empy boxes not fill. Good luck with the craft fayre not done one you are all brave but well capable of doing them. Love the 1st best.

tilly said...

2 beautiful cards, not everyone likes fussy lol, I'm sure all your stuff will sell well, good luck with the kitchen(and garage) lol

Uma said...

well done, it's really hard to craft out of your usual style and you've done a smashing job

coops said...

very different for you hun but just as gorgeous.i love the lovely flowers on your cards and the treaure box is stunning ;D
enjoy your new kitchen when its done hun.

xx coops xx

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