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Friday, 12 August 2011

Unchartered Waters!

The other day, when I was hopping around, I visited my old friend Paola, and two new-to-me blogs of Jane and Zoe.  I urge you to check out these ladies blogs, their colourwork is totally AWESOME.

So, what has me so excited?  These extremely skilled crafters have been demonstrating a technique that I'd not seen before and the results blew me away.  No black lines stamping!  Paola, Jane and Zoe have coloured with Copics and, as my Copic colouring is pants, I wondered what would happen if I coloured with Distress Inks instead.  The result was quite a surprise!

(sorry for rubbish photo - it's nearly dark here - will swap it for a better one tomorrow)

This is by no means the best painting I've ever done because it was rushed when I got in from work tonight but - Jane tells me that with the Copic colouring, the pink lines disappear altogether so you are totally reliant on adding tone and shade to get the definition - however, with the Distress Inks, the pink lines seem to ABSORB the colour of the ink you are painting with, hence the edges of the sunflower petals being (mostly) yellow (not a very steady hand tonight) and the leaf and stem edges being green, and Milton being shades of  brown.  You do need to think about what needs to be what colour - I could so easily have ended up with a brown edged stem - so I think I shall practice hard with doing the various section edges first before adding the colour wash.

Anyhoo, it was a venture into the unknown, and one I shall certainly try again when I've more time and had a decent sleep!  Hope you don't mind me sharing the first results with you.

(Really struggling to get a decent photo - with all this grey cloud it's like midwinter
- he's painted on WHITE card, not blue)

Hugs, Sxx


Boxofcolours said...

Wow, that is so cute! Isn't it amazing how the same technique looks so different when using another colouring medium!! Well done you and thanks for sharing ~ Jane

Marcea said...

smarty pants ... looks great. I saw this on the MIC FB page and the technique just blew me away - my ink pad is already on order and in the mail ..... cant wait to try it - well done xxx

Delphine said...

I love the effect you got, Squirrel! I was blown away too, and will try soon:-)! Hugs Delphine xx

Rufus said...

Amazing how the distress inks go to the outline, while the copics make it go away. I might have to try. I told Zoe there was no way, but then I don't do copics...now with distress inks...maybe?! Great job, Squirrel!

Squirrel said...

I love this! Now I wonder what inks I've got that I can try....
Honorary-Aussie-Squirrel xx

Jackie said...

Oh it's gorgeous and there's nothing wrong with your colouring at all :o)
Jackie xx

coops said...

wow thats an amazing effect squirrel.may have to give this a whirl.thanks for the imspiration hun ;D

xx coops xx

Zippy said...

Amazing hun, will have to give this a try! xxxx

Kat said...

Amazing colouring Squirrel. Not sure I'm brave enough to try. Had a look at the blogs you mentioned. Very inspiring.

Kat xx

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