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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Having Trouble With My Creases

As regular readers will know, at the weekend Toad and I passed up the chance to attend the ritual annual sausage burning for his mate's birthday on the grounds of Health & Safety (Toad's health, my safety).

What I didn't tell you was that it had been planned, en route to said sausage burning, to take in the scenic beauty of a Sussex business park so that I could dribble all of the floor of The Glitter Pot store.

Now.  It's funny how things turn out.  From sales and orders for my cards (unbelievable, I know, but somebody buys a few occasionally) I had a happy little stash of crafty cash screaming to be released from the dark and cobwebby confines of my piggy bank.  Imagine the disappointment of having that promised adventure to a cash register cruelly and suddenly taken away from you.  And yes, dear readers, even though I was not in the slightest bit disturbed by missing out on the opportunity of potential food poisoning, I was a little bereft of a crafty spree being cancelled.

But I soon put that right!  I currently own the grand total of six House Mouse stamps.  Yes, just six.  I hang my head in shame.  However, after an impulsive visit to Rubber Stamp World this morning I am soon to swell those paltry numbers to a princely nine, and I've released some of that captive cash to roam wild and free again, returning it to its natural habitat.

And for those of you who have managed to reach this far and are now shouting "oh do get to the point missus", here is one of my existing House Mouse stamps called Birthday Cupcake (starring Mudpie and Muzzy).

I have painted this in Distress Inks and am quietly pleased with the result but I am a bit worried about my creases - in the bun case!!


Boxofcolours said...

I would be more worried about the fact you've got mice crawling all over your cupcake!!

Very cute by the way!

Claire x said...

LOL I see nothing wrong with your creases, afterall there are supposed to be creases in a cupcake case aren't there?! Beautiful colouring hun. Hugs, Claire x

Helen said...

Lol...at least the GP's shop window reaches as far as our PCs!
I think your creases look fab - much better than I can do with that stamp!
Helen x

PS - am off to investigate Rubber Stamp World..how have I never heard of it before???

Jackie said...

Beautiful colouring, the creases look great. Dare I tell you that I actually have NO house mouse stamps :o)
Jackie xx

Julie said...

Get real lady,I can feel every single crease with my eyes and I'm critical I can tell you!!!! I'm ashamed to say I haven't a single house mouse,I dont know why as I love them,they're definitely on my list of must haves! Can't wait to see the rest of the stamps along with the card that this beauty will adorn! Have a great day,Julie x

downrightcrafty said...

absolutely nothing wrong with your creases - I would wait till your my age and then you will worry about them.

Hugs Kate xx

Chrissy said...

I'm more worried about the creases in my face... but I think your cupcake creases are fabulous, as is the whole image.Gorgeous colouring...adorable image.


Carol said...

Hi Squirrel. You need to write a book - not just a blog. I would order a signed copy.

I thought the creases were great and I have a few House Mouse Stamps. Can't understand how anyone can be without.

coops said...

well i can see nothing wrong with your creases at all hun.they look perfectly creased to me :D
glad you managed to spend some of yoru crafty pennies ;D

xx coops xx

Bernie said...

Oh Squirrel I truly enjoyed your post today. I agree with Carol you really should write a book. Your coloring is superb, creases included.
Blessings Bernie

Tracy said...

I'm with everyone else, I cannot see any thing wrong with your creases.
This is a gorgeous colouring and image.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Christy Beans said...

We always judge our own work the harshest, don't we? Ain't nothin' wrong with those creases! I just wanted to say that I love stopping by every day to see what's up in your Squirrely little world. Sometimes I wish I lived in the tree next door. =)

Rufus said...

So glad that you've freed some of that captive cash to return to it's natural habitat. LOL I can just hear the screaming coming from the cobwebby piggy bank! Can't wait to see which new ones you got and what you do with 'em. I adore House Mouse, although most of mine are of the get well variety. Think I might have all of those!
BTW your creases are brilliant! No wrinkle cream needed.

cebelica said...

Your coloring is great!!

Cynthia said...

That cupcake and it's creases look delish!! Don't get me started on another addiction to House Mouse stamps, I'll just have to admire yours for ever and ever!!
Cheers & hugs

Squirrel said...

Your creases are just perfect, and that's one sentence I never thought I would be typing. It's all just beautiful - what are you going to do with it?

I had to go and count up my HM stamps after I read your post. I just went on a shopping spree, aided and abetted by my DH (who actually chose all my HM stamps except one - he's a bigger fan than I am) and I now have a grand total of 9. Including the pawprints one.

Does that make you feel better? LOL

Oh and DH just looked over my shoulder and wants me to get that stamp too. You enabler, you.
Squirrel-down-under XX

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