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Friday, 26 August 2011

Heaps Of Stuff And CANDY WINNER

How I wish that I was tidy
How I wish that I was neat
How I wish I was methodical
Like others down out street.
I tried to stem the rising tide
I tried to hold it back
But I have been the victim
Of a heap of stuff attack.

Yes, heaps of stuff come creeping,
They clutter up the hall.
And heaps of stuff are softly
Climbing halfway up the wall.
At each end of the staircase
Is a giant heap, a stack;
One to carry up the stairs
And one to carry back.

In a heap of stuff invasion
They settle everywhere -
They grovel on the lino
They tower on the chair.
You're searching for a jacket,
"Is it in here?" you shout,
And, opening the cupboard door,
A heap of stuff falls out.

But heaps are many-faceted
And heaps are multi-faced
And what a heap is made of
Will depend on where it's placed.
Now if it's in the passage
It is mostly boots and shoes
And if it's on the sofa
It is magazines and news.

If it's in the shed
It's broken propagating frames
And if it's in the bathroom
Well, it's best to say no names,
And if it's in the bedroom -
Your own and not the guest's -
The heap of stuff is mostly made
Of socks and shirts and vests.

For a heap is indestructible,
It's something you can't fight.
If you split it up by day
It joins back up at night.
So cunningly positioned
as from room to room you trek,
Increasing all the chances
That you trip and break your neck.

But step into my parlour
Now I've forced the door ajar;
I'll excavate an easy chair -
Just cling there where you are.
And together we'll survey it
Till our eyes they feast enough
On the tidiest home in England
Underneath the heaps of stuff.

Pam Ayres

Happy Friday everyone!  So why has the Squirrel broken into verse I hear you ask, well, on my long overdue day off, after the postie delivered my latest parcel of goodies (only a small one I hasten to add), I looked around my craft space in the conservatory and realised that I needed to have a SERIOUS tidy up.  It's like an overstuffed sofa out there, scraps of paper that I've saved to use but which are, in all probability, far too small to be of any practical purpose, those tiny little cellophane packets of gems and beads that come with a certain magazine, half used packs of envelopes, again from said magazine, tools that I have rarely, if ever, used but could not live without at the time.  And stamps.  Oh. My. Word.  I have a problematic stamp addiction indeed.  Packets of pens and pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, ProMarkers and Copics, Distress Inks (pads and ReInkers), rulers, protractors, scoring boards (why on earth do I have three different scoring boards for Heaven's sake?).  So my five minute tidy up has turned into a mammoth event, and I've had to walk away from it for ten minutes before I break down into a wimpering heap in a corner full of other stuff! 

So, my point of the verse?  It needs a section about craft stuff in there, and quickly!

OK, ramble over.  Now let's get down to business, the winner of my Sugar Nellie rubber stamp candy.  Mr RNG has been cranked up, left to whirr for a bit, and he has selected .........

Number 11 and that is you UMA (A Sense of Uma)

Well done my little chickpea - could you confirm that you are still interested in the stamp and I'll get it in the post to you pronto.

That's me done for now - back to my heaps of stuff and who knows I might get a card done later!

Hugs Sxx


Claire x said...

Well done Uma and I love that verse, but you are right a craft one is defo needed. Hugs, Claire x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Congrats Uma. Good luck with the tidying Squirrel. Marianne x

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

congrats to uma and thanks for giving us this chance! Have a nice weekend!

Lorraine A said...

Congratulations Uma :-)

I really enjoyed reading that verse ,, I used to love listening to Pam Ayres when she wass on t'telly many years ago ,, she was so very funny :-),, another trip down memory lane ,,,,

and my room sounds EXACTLY like yours !!!


Helen said...

Congrats Uma!!!
Thanks for the candy fun Squirrel...and good luck with your tidying! lol
I tidied my stamps last weekend...I think they must have been breeding...I definitely can't have bought all of them! ;0)
Helen x

Uma said...

yay new rubber! Squirrel try www.flylady.com I'm trying to get organised too

Chrissy said...

Great verse Squirrel..lol..I thought you were throwing us another piece of hidden talent for a minute...happy tidying...I love to tidy..thats why I cant find anything...


coops said...

huge congrats to uma and thanks hun for the chance to win.love the fabulous verse :D

xx coops xx

Rufus said...

Congrats to Uma on your new stamp!

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