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Friday, 8 October 2010

Big Cat Diary - Lots of Photos

Colchester Zoo's female Amur Leopard

Hunting for her lunch

So just where did I leave it?

It's behind you!

I know my place!

Girls on top

Igor sunbathing after lunch

Ditto Igor

And again

Now I can have a nap

Big cats have always been a favourite but I have to say that the Amur Leopards are breathtaking creatures.  We were so privileged to get a glimpse of both this little lady and her fella (in the enclosure next door but he was resting high on a podium with the sun behind him - not good for photos!).  The zoo are hoping that they will mate soon as they are both young cats and prime age for producing healthy cubs.  And boy do we need those cubs - there are only an estimated 35 of these cats left in the world, THIRTY FIVE!  I am not ashamed to say that I stood there watching her and wept.


Dragonlady said...

Oh hun I know exactly what you mean, they are breathtaking and you have got some superb photos. My favourite will always be the Tiger.

Hugs Ali x

Clare said...

Beautiful Squirrel, thankyou so much for sharing your stunning pics with us. It is indeed shameful that there are only 35 of these cats left in the world. I would have been with you darlin having a sob. Big hugs Clare xxx

Clare said...

That's better Squirrel, all 10 pics are up now xxx

Debbie said...

Stunning Animals arn't they?
Did you see the twin Panda Bears on the news. OMG they were so tiny and eye's were still closed. Debbiexx

Jackie said...

Oh wow Squirrel, what superb photographs :o) Every time I go to Twycross the Amur leopards won't come outside so I never get their pics
Jackie xx

Zippy said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! They are just soooo beautiful! I want one! Just stunning! xxxxx

Pauline C said...

Wow fabulous pictures Squirrel - they really are majestic creatures.
Pauline x

Rufus said...

Gorgeous pic's! 35? Oh, I hope that those two "get busy" soon! They are to gorgeous to go extinct! BTW does Vincent know that you've been consorting with his big cousins?

mckinkle said...

What fantastic shots Squirrel, it looks like you must have been actually in there with them though as the shots are such amazing quality!


Keryn x

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