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Friday, 18 June 2010

How Do They Do It?

I'm sat here, watching a romantic film - "Message In A Bottle" with Kevin Costner - ten mins from the end of it, with tears pouring down my face and the Toad comes downstairs from his bath, plonks himself down and right in the middle of a really touching bit he starts munching biscuits, loudly, and slurping tea, right in my ear.

Talk about spoiling the moment !


Delphine said...

:-)! :-)! :-)! Off to write you an email... Hugs, Delphine xx

crealin said...

:-) I have the same problem, my hubby always spoils the moment they're gonna kiss ... man are definitely from Mars!!!

Big sympathetic hug,

Lins x

Rufus said...

My Grandma always said "consider the source ~ then IGNORE it!" I'd say that applies here!
Actually I'm amazed that he sat down with you at all, with a "Chic flic" on the tube!

Anonymous said...

COOOOEEEEEE Squirrel :) Sorry I've been away for so long - mea culpa :{ I see you cards are as beautiful as ever xx

coops said...

lol.men certainly know how to spoil the scene don`t they.my hubby just smirks at me when a film upsets me.xx

Clare said...

Well atleast the toad didn't add a fart into the mix??? PMSL they are very irritating at times aren't they!!! hugs Clare xxx

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