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Thursday, 26 November 2009

An Award!

The delightful and mega talented Sarah at Sarah Wright Designs (also known as CraftyMum) has been kind enough to share this so sweet award with me.  A big thank you hunny!

One of the conditions of acceptance is that I have to tell you 5 things about me ......
1.   In my head I am an artist ...
2.   Despite working as a secretary/PA I am an almost qualifed lawyer
3.   I am besotted with cats (who would have guessed)
4.   I cannot sing a note in tune
5.   Following an incident at school when I was 7 I have avoided swimming pools ever since

And so to pass this fab award on.  To be honest, I have made so many great friends here who all have brilliant blogs that I am going to say, if you want it, grab it!  But just remember, we want 5 things about you!

I must apologise for my poor blogging this week.  It's been mad again at work to the point of not being able to tell difference between elbow and bottom (which is a dangerous situation LOL) and our internet has been down for the past four mornings (and that half an hour is when I whizz round to dribble over your creations) so if I have missed you this week it's because it's been beyond my control (as most things in my life are) but I will try harder next week!

See you all at the weekend
Happy hugs
Squirrel xxx


Mandy said...

congrats on your award well deserved..
Mandy xx

Mina said...

what do you mean 'in your head' you are an artist as is anyone who creates I think...great facts
Mina xxx

Sheila said...

Congrats on the award, Squirrel! Great fun getting to know you a little better.
God Bless!

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