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Sunday, 2 August 2009

August Already?

Hi All,

Strange things happen to your mind when you are out of your normal routine! My last day at work was 16th April and, in a way, it only feels like a couple of weeks ago instead of fifteen weeks. I have lost the plot completely with birthdays (to all of you who grumbled, I am sorry - but I think I had a valid excuse this time!) and what month of the year it is.

Anyhoo, I am determined to cram in some crafting before I get dragged kicking and screaming back to work in a couple of weeks. My bestest mate, Julie-Pig, is hitting the big 40 this month and I wanted to do something that little bit extra for her soooo I had my first ever attempt at a Treasure Box.

I used Bazzil Basic pastel card in three shades, pink, soft green and cream. Although the photos don't show it, I have painted the box using H2Os so there is a little bit of twinkle in the sunlight.


Cathy said...

Gorgeous box Squirrel. I love the design and the papers are fab. If I tried this the lid wouldn't fit LOL!!
Cathy xx

Kaz said...

Oh Squirrel this is so beautiful! I love it, totally stunning! I bet your friend will love it too.
Kaz xx

Helen said...

Wow - this is beautiful Squirrel...she'll love it!
Helen x

Caroljenks said...

Hi Squirrel - this is gorgeous, the colours are beautiful - so subtle.

Carol x

Jules said...

This is gorgeous.

I really love it.

It must have taken ages to make.

Love Jules xx

Manda said...

Well hunny, I've not got a clue how you made it but it's amazing! Is it a template? Beautiful! xxx

Squirrel x said...

Hi Mand, no hun, not a template, it's a stamp. You can made four, five or six sided boxes from them. Trust me to attempt a six on my first go. There are two sizes, this is the taller one, and there are about six floral designs. I think they are made by Creative Expressions. I bought mine from Sir Stampalot.

Pauline C said...

Fabulous Squirrel! I made one of these ( a six-sider) a couple of years ago and was thrilled with it, but you are right they do take some time. I'm feeling inspired now seeing this - perhaps I'll try another one!
Pauline x

Anonymous said...

THIS IS more than WOW!!!! this is not just beautiful! its Blinking amazing! you clever little squirrel!! brilliant! :0)

Jackie said...

It's beautiful Squirrel, I will get around to making one sometime.... :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful! What a clever Squirrel you are :) :) :)

cats whiskers said...

Wow this is stunning what beautiful work a real treasure
Hugs Jacqui x

Caroljenks said...

This is gorgeous Squirrel - the colours are fab.

I've been dying to know why you call Julie 'Julie-Pig' ??? (I can't be the only curious one surely!)

Carol x

Squirrel x said...

Heheheheheh, Carol, you are not alone. Between me and himself, we know four Julies so they get their own designation. Julie-Pig got hers from a really terrible but incredibly funny pig joke she used to tell, frequently, when she was a little bit intoxicated! No one else has managed to tell that joke with quite as much enthusiasm!

Zippy said...

This is gorgeous hun, love the colours. xxxx

Anonymous said...


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