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Sunday, 19 August 2012


And for you modern thinkers, that's 40.4C.  That's the temperature this morning in my craft space.  Which is why I'm not out there!

Suffolk recorded the highest outdoor temperatures in the country yesterday with a 34.7C and it is supposed to be even hotter today.  Feels like it already.  I am seriously tired and grumpy!

Well this made me laugh, hope it does you too.



Sarah said...

OMW! Squirrel that is so hot! That sort of heat would make me ratty! Love the picture! Enjoy the rest of your day if you can!

Sarah x

Sue said...

oh dear!! TOO HOT for anyone, let alone Squirrels!
Love the picture, now that squirrel looks very happy!!

Hugs Sue

Christy Beans said...

My goodness, can't make you people happy. You spend the first two-thirds of the summer whining that it's raining and cloudy and cold. Then the sun comes out and waaaah, it's too hot, too sunny, too hot. Geez. ;) I suppose freestanding air conditioners are not as big a hit and thus not as readily available in the UK as the US? In that case, I guess you'll have to hire some Marti or Colin look-a-like eye candy to stand around in the studio with some big woven palm fans. ;) Mwah! ~Beansie

kay said...

we just cant win with this weather! hope you stay cool.x

Claire said...

That is very hot!!!!! It's been warm and sunny here this afternoon in the Midlands, but not that temperature!! Hugs, Claire x

Jackie said...

I would be as grumpy as you Squirrel, if I hadn't enjoyed Donington Park so much! Love that piccy :o)
Jackie xx

Carol Willis said...

Oh WOW, that's just ridiculous. I'd be majorly grumpy. Love the picture, certainly put a smile on my face.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend, despite the heat.
Caz x

Chrissy said...

Love the photo, so cute..I'm lucky in my house as my sliding door opens to the east and I get the sea breeze in the summer...now just need to wait for the summer, too darn cold to have it open now..


Anonymous said...

wish you could bottle some and send it here its a sweet little mystery and we hare wet wet wet! haha! xx

Sylvia Zet said...

Is this kind of temperature possible in UK?!! :) The image is indeed hilarious!

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