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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

53 Years, Amazing

Afternoon all.  Yep, sickly Squirrel here again.  I am determined to go back to work tomorrow, I am going a little stir crazy having been indoors since last Friday night!  Thankfully my temperature seems to have settled now, but I still have a brain full of cotton-wool (what's new there then) and waves of nausea but have not had to bolt to the bathroom today. But I have slept an enormous amount, night and day - wrong time of year for hibernation I know.  To anyone who is also suffering from this evil-pixie virus, I wish you well, and soon!

In four weeks, it will be my darling parents fifty-third wedding anniversary - I still find that amazing and wonderful, mostly amazing because I'm not sure how they've survived it!  Like every marriage they have had their ups and downs but I think the key to it all is remembering it is a partnership and things work both ways.  I am so proud of them and give thanks for being able to call them mum and dad.  Awwwwh.  I can get away with the mush, they don't read this, lol.

Mum and dad got married on Easter Saturday and I wanted this to be all spring colours, fresh and bright, but I wanted it to look like a chocolate box too - not sure if I've achieved it but it was fun trying.

Ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  Penny Black (Mo Manning) Tom and Tilly
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Dovecraft Back To Basics III (cut into patchwork squares), and
white cardstock edged in Orchid ProMarker for matting layers
Extras  LOTV Ribbon & Bow stamps

I've kept it sentiment free on the front as I shall give it to them with a frame (it's an 8x8 card) as mum likes to display stuff as long as possible, bless her!

Hugs, Sxx

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cake Anyone?

Nearly didn't make it this week, but germ or no germ I was determined to at least have a try and make something for this week's LILI'S LITTLE FAIRIES CHALLENGE with their theme of Afternoon Tea.

The nausea and sweats come and go in waves.  Just when you think you might be starting to pick up a little bit, wham, along comes another one, which is my poor excuse for this card.  My heart simply wasn't in it.  I should have just given in gracefully.

Ingredients for this card:
Stamped Image  LOTV Doggie Delight
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Dovecraft - Tea House
Sentiment  Wild Rose Studio

That's all folks
Hugs, Sxx

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Handy Dragon

Afternoon all.  Thank you for all your get well wishes - I've spent the last three days coughing, sleeping and sweating.  My head has felt full of razor-blades and someone has swapped my legs for jelly.  I can't blame Toad entirely for this as it has been through his office like a wildfire - I think they have all been off with it sometime over the last week.  It's a nasty germ that's for sure.

Having spent most of today curled up with Vince, I really wanted to have a play for the first time in days (that's got to be a good sign, right?) so I had a scout round the challenges and found these

Ingredients for this card:
Stamped Image  High Hopes - Handy Dragon
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers Basic Grey - Manilla, White cardstock edged in Marsh Green ProMarker
Extras  The same Basic Grey paper coloured in Marsh Green and Epiphany'd with Round 14
Sentiment  Personal Impressions

That's it, one card and I'm pooped.  Back to the armchair with a cup of tea I think.

Hugs Sxx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Love Is In The Little Things

Hello peeps.  For the first time in forever I have not felt like crafting today - yep, I have been infected by the Toadster's evil germs.  I had nothing more than a tickly cough yesterday but today I feel as if I have been hit by a ten ton truck.  Even the arrival of my Epiphany gadget is not enough to arouse any interest, so that's gotta be bad.

Anyhoo, as I haven't made anything today, and as Valentine's Day is long gone, I am showing you the card that was ordered by the husband of my boss.  How we managed to get it to her without any suspicion still amazes me.  

Ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  LOTV The Little Things
Sentiment  Ditto
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Dovecraft
Extras  Martha Stewart heart punch

Once again, I am sorry that I am way behind with my commenting.  I hope to catch up with you soon.  Thanks for sticking with me.

Hugs, Sxx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Winged Things - Cute Card Thursday

Morning all, it's almost the weekend, yay!  Toad, he with the germs, has dragged himself in to work today.  Why do they never listen?  You can bet he'll be all pathetic tomorrow, lol!

Anyhoo, it's been a while since I played at CUTE CARD THURSDAY and as I had been wanting to use this stamp what better excuse did I need.

Ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  Sugar Nellie - Angelica
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  NitWits Bumbleberry Collection
White cardstock edged with Orchid ProMarker
Extras  EK Success retro flower punch, Tesco mini pom-poms

It's anybody's guess what today has in store but I'm on the countdown now - eight and a half hours ....

Hugs Sxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gorgeous Strawberry Kisses

Evenin' all.  Hasn't it been a scorcher today?  It was still 16C when I left work.  Hard to believe it is February with temperatures like that, although when Toad and I got engaged in 1998 we sat on Brighton Beach in t-shirts on Valentine's Day.

I have another Crafters Companion Strawberry Kisses for you tonight

Isn't this little chap just a darling?

Ingredients for this card are
Stamped Image  Crafters Companion Strawberry Kisses - Gorgeous
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Extras  White cardstock edged with Promarker, corner stars Crafters Companion

Poor old Toad has man-flu.  Today is the first day in 14 years that he's been off sick from work, so that means he really is ill!  Mind you, he will feel even worse if I catch it off him, I'll make sure of that!!

Nearly the weekend, thank goodness.

Hugs, Sxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Own Up, Who Remembers The Wurzels?

Oi've got a brand new comboine 'arvester ........ sing along now!  Well, as many of you know, it was my darlin' daddy's birthday at the weekend and I always try and make him a card that will raise a smile so when I saw this stamp I just knew it was the right one.

Dad worked as a farm hand, and then for a large chain of garden centres in their horticultural unit (mainly driving a tractor) for forty plus years, until he retired 13 years ago.  He and mum live in the countryside and love their garden and dad still, at the age of 78, digs it all by hand.  So, you could say he is a farm boy at heart.

Mum said that if he ever dared to grow a 'tache like this one she would shave it off in the night!

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  High Hopes - Farmer Clem
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Basic Grey
Sentiment  LOTV
Extras  White cardstock edged with Poppy ProMarker, Pebbles Inc Candy Dots

And I would like to enter this into the challenge for

Ooh, just noticed how close it is getting to that magic 100,000 hits - four and a half weeks to my 3rd blogoversary so it looks as if it will have to be a good candy or two to celebrate properly!

And a big, warm, squirrelly welcome to my new Followers this week - thank you so much, it means a lot to know you enjoyed your visit enough to want to come back!

Hugs, Sxx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Champagne Cocktail anyone?

Living with Vince, cat hair has become a third condiment in this house - salt, pepper, cat hair.  It's very odd having a meal out as it tends to be fur free.  I guess it is another form of fibre in my diet!!  Anyway, this little stamp made me think of that:

Ingredients for this card:
Stamped Image  Crafters Companion Strawberry Kisses - Party Girl
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Corner Stamp  Lili Of The Valley
Extras  White cardstock edged in Poppy Promarker, red Sakura glaze pen for cherries

There are times, during an evening when I'm sat with a cup of tea beside me, that Vince will sit on the arm of the chair and the tip of his tail dips in the tea (it's never that hot, I can't drink scalding hot tea).  He will then wash his tail.  Wonder what he would do with a Champagne Cocktail??

In his favourite sticky-beak spot on the back of the sofa (with his own duvet throw)!

Hugs, Sxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dragons Are Not Just For Autumn

Hello folks - are you having a nice Sunday?  Tis a tad chilly here in the east of England (we're the bit that sticks out into the North Sea) but it is a beautiful, bright sunny day, even if it is a little fresh around the frilly bits.

I have a critter card for you today.  I am loving the Wee Stamps created by the lovely Sylvia Zet and simply could not resist this little chap.

Ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  Wee Stamps - Autumn Happiness
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Selection of First Editions (glittered)
Sentiment  Lili Of The Valley

It seemed a shame to have to wait until autumn to use this little dragon so I've done him in spring colours. Personally I think he looks soooo sweet.  Sorry the photo is on the squint, just as I was taking the picture Vincent barges into me.  He is demanding a sit-down-and-cuddle-me moment and is getting annoyed because he is being ignored.

Hugs, Sxx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Case'd from Coops

Afternoon all.  Is it just me, or is it very quiet in Blogland this week?  Anyhoo, for those of you who are out there and not at the Stitches show (you lucky things!) here is a little card I made this afternoon.

I'll make no bones about it, this is totally cased from a card that Nic at Coops Cluttered Corner made a couple of weeks ago.  I really hope you don't mind hun!

Very few ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  Whiff of Joy Henry Mouse - Enjoying Spring
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Extras  Promarker "Ginger" for matting card, black roller ball pen for doodles

OK, I know it's not a patch on the magic that Nic creates, but I love the layout and will be using it again, soon!

No cooking for me tonight - we are having a belated Valentine's Chinese takeaway, except it's delivered.  Marvellous.

Hugs, Sxx

Friday, 17 February 2012

Winter Wonderland - It's Chrisssssssstmaaaaaas!!

Good morning WINTER WONDERLAND gang - hope you are all fine and dandy.  Welcome to another challenge.  

Brace yourselves because this week we start CHRISTMAS again - that's right, Christmas straight after Valentine's Day, how weird does that feel?!

We are sponsored by
and Emma is offering this gorgeous Whiff of Joy stamp to our lucky winner

As always, the DT have worked their little socks off to bring you their usual high standard of inspiration.  It would be lovely if you have time to visit their individual blogs and show them some love.

Here is my DT card for this week:

Ingredients for this card are
Stamped Image  Sugar Nellies - Snow Buddies
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  BoBunny and HOTP
Flourish Sentiment  Magazine freebie
Additional Snowflakes  Magazine Freebie

So, that's it - over to you now so create a Christmas card for us.  You have until 5.00pm GMT next Thursday to enter and you are allowed up to three entries per challenge.  How good is that?!

Hugs Sxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Only A Little One

Hello all!  Hope you are feelin' fine, it is nearly the weekend, which means it's nearly my beloved pop's birthday AND I managed to get to the dentist on my own this  morning without the aid of a safety net.

OK, it was only a check-up so no biggie right?  Yeah, right.  EVERY appointment is a biggie for me (world's biggest wimp, believe me) so I really felt that I had achieved something.  And the best bit?  No treatment required, whoop whoop!

Anyhoo, just a little card to share with you tonight as I was playing while Toad did step on the Wii-Fit.

Ingredients for this little card are:
Stamped Image  Sugar Nellie Birthday Party
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Hero Arts
Cardstock  Rymans White Card and Bazzil Bling Raspberry

And that's it.  Just a tiny CAS one.  Even though it has been much warmer today, my hands were freezing out in the play room and I was struggling to hold the paint brush!  Now for a nice hot bowl of chicken soup and some crusty bread (as the teeth are ok) for supper.

Hope you will pop back tomorrow for my Winter Wonderland DT card when we launch this week's new challenge.

Hugs, Sxx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sweet Blossom

Evening all.  How has your Monday been then?  Must admit, it was a bit of a shock to the system this morning!  And I made the mistake of optimistically putting ordinary shoes on rather than my boots - bet you didn't know that Squirrels could skate.

Anyhoo, fed up with the cold and damp and grey, I have a Spring themed card for you tonight

This is Sweet Blossom from Wee Stamps - isn't she just so gorgeous?  I'm not sure if I have done her credit with my painting but she gave me a happy hour or so while I tried!  I've kept the card very simple, just echoing the colours I used in the image, as I did not want to drown her out with stuff - I think there are times when the image should be allowed to speak for itself (that, and I don't do stuff/fluff very well).

Papermania papers from an old collection, and a Personal Impressions sentiment.  I did the matting layers with plain white card and a Pink Carnation ProMarker to try and get it to match in but now I think it might be too pink, lol!

Looking forward to dinner tonight - leftover beef casserole - it's in the oven now and the yummy smells are torture!  Can you tell that I only had Ryvita for lunch?.

Hugs, Sxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Less Is More - OLC Stripes

Afternoon all.   I think yesterday's non-crafting day has given Mr Mojo ideas of freedom as the little blighter has hightailed it off to somewhere warmer leaving me here scratching my tail and at a loss for ideas.  Even Sid, the Inspiration Cat, isn't being particularly helpful

Which could explain my rather poor attempt at this week's LESS IS MORE challenge.  It is a one layer card week with the theme of Stripes.

This card worked in my head but sadly did not translate as well to card ......

I've used Tom Mouse stamp from Country Companions (he was a magazine freebie) and I am very fond of Tom - when I was cross-stitching regularly I stitched him several times.  I created the stripes with a stamp from a Penny Black clear set that, I think, was intended to be flower stems.  The sentiment is Hero Arts.  And to finish, a wash of colour added to Tom with Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers).

Anyhoo, the card is clean and simple so I shall also sneak it into the SWEET STAMPIN CHALLENGE with their Clean And Simple theme.

So many of you have been asking whether or not I will be getting my paws on the new TH Distress Markers - well, the inevitable answer is YES.  In fact, I am mega excited about the idea and can't wait for them to arrive.  The fine nib on these is going to be so perfect for adding detail and fine line shading that I can't achieve, even with my three whisker brush!  I know they haven't quite reached our shores yet but that doesn't stop me watching out for the Postman in the vain hope that they might come earlier than expected, lol!!

Hugs Sxx

Inspired by Delphine

Morning all.  More snow overnight.  Thankfully it wasn't much but on top of what we already had, and with freezing rain forecast, it makes for a chilly sort of day!

We had a busy day yesterday which meant that I did not get the chance to play.  It must be the first Saturday in about 18 months that I've not made a card!  So here is one I made in the week.

Ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  CC Designs
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Papermania Spring Burst
Sentiments  Personal Impressions

It was the lovely Delphine who inspired me to make this one.  She does the most totally amazing work with CCD stamps and her Copics.  Sadly, this is no where near her standard!  If you don't know her talent yet, do pop over and say hello.

Hugs Sxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Oh Romeo!

Morning all - it's nearly the weekend, yaaaaay!  Just today to get through but how bad can it be?  Maybe I should not tempt fate by saying that.  I had my faith in humanity restored last night by a sweet sweet friend so I feel invincible today, lol.

Anyhoo, a card for you and a few lurrrrrrrrrve theme challenges

Ingredients for this card
Stamped Image  LOTV Romeo Bear
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Forever Friends
Sentiment & Ticket  LOTV
Flowers  Wild Orchid Crafts
Leaves  Cheery Lynn Fern Die
Extras  Gold border from stash, EK Success retro flower punch, Papermania gems

You may, or may not, be impressed to know that I managed the heart without the aid of a die or a template!  I did have to resort to a French Curve drawing tool to help though (grin).

Sorry for the poor photo - I made the card last night and had to wait til I got to work this morning for some daylight.  I will adjust the levels in PhotoShop when I get home. (tweaked now)

Hope you all have a totally brilliant Friday.

Hugs Sxx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love Is In The Air (Simon Says it is)

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How are we all?  Are you defrosting yet?  If it is thawing here, it is doing so very slowly - I opened the front door at 7.20 this morning, looked at the sheet ice and thought Ah, now, how am I going to tackle this?  The answer was very carefully!!

But forget the cold, here is something to warm the cockles - SIMON SAYS STAMP challenge this week is Love Is In The Air.  All together now - ahhhhhhhh.

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Wee - Bunny
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)  (and the DI Markers are on pre-order!!)
Papers  Making Memories - old pad with no cover any more
Sentiment  Lili Of The Valley

I was going to share with you the card I made for a Valentine's order but as the lady concerned reads my blog I had better wait until the 15th!

Right, next job, list for grocery shopping!  Oh the excitement.

Hugs, Sxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Penny Black - Bingo - and a BIG Cat

Well that was an interesting journey into work!  We live on a large housing development with loads of side roads and cul-de-sacs which, of course, never get gritted or salted so the snow and ice hang around for days.  There I was this morning, all rugged up and warm with my hiking boots on to make the trek to the bus stop, it was a sight to behold I can assure you.  When the bus gets into town, hardly a speck of snow to be seen - I must have stuck out like a squirrel on a birthday cake!  Never mind, I was warm and upright!

PENNY BLACK AND MORE AT ALLSORTS are playing Bingo for their February challenge, but Bingo with a twist - it is colours - what a fabbie idea!

I've gone for the diagonal option of Brown, White and Kraft and a very CAS card

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Penny Black London Collection - Houses of Parliament
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers) - Antique Linen and Frayed Burlap
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Extras  Brown cardstock from stash

I am really liking these architectural stamps and in fact (don't tell Toad) I ordered four out of the five.  The only one I didn't go for was the London Eye as I felt it was too limiting in its use.  Although thinking about it now, it would make a brilliant ferris wheel for a carnival card.

Big Cat In The Kitchen

Funny how you don't realise how big something is when you see it every day - until you see it from a different viewpoint

Hugs, Sxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Birthday Kitten

Evening all, have you had a good day?  How many of you couldn't get to work?  I've had a lovely day, here in the warm with Vince, crafting non stop.  What bliss.  Back to reality tomorrow!

If you missed my earlier post for Lili's Little Fairies challenge you can either scroll down or click here.

This little birthday card is a cutie I think

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Crafters Companion Strawberry Kisses - Birthday Kitten
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Papers  Bazzil pink cardstock, floral paper from stash
Extras  Martha Stewart border punch, Papermania gems

Challenge for this card

Hugs, Sxx

Spring Colours - Lili's Little Fairies

Morning all, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it's chilly.  But it's my day off and I am determined to enjoy it!  As soon as the surgery opens at 8.00 I shall phone to postpone the blood tests (it is not an essential journey in my book) and shall be staying here in the warm with the Vince and shall craft my day away.  What more could a girl ask for, apart from a little sunshine.

And speaking of sunshine, the challenge this week at LILI'S LITTLE FAIRIES is Spring Colours.  And HOTSHOT CRAFTS are looking for Flowers!

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Lili of The Valley - Watering Can
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Papers  Dovecraft Back To Basics
Extras  LOTV floral corner stamp, EK Success retro flower punches
and Craftwork Cards Card Candi

Thanks for popping over.  After a week of no internet access I am even more behind with my visiting and commenting than usual but I am slowly catching up with you all!  Whatever you are doing today, stay warm and stay safe.

Hugs, Sxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Have A Heart - Oldie But A Goodie

Afternoon all - how's the snow situation with you today then?  We had a fair sprinkling of it last night/this morning!  All the mains roads are clear though - except we have to get to the main road first, the estate roads don't get gritted (last year was a nightmare with the big freeze).

I'm supposed to be at the doc's first thing tomorrow morning for repeat blood tests (last ones threw up an odd result) but at this rate I don't think I will be taking the chance of trying to get there.  What is it we get told "do not travel unless your journey is absolutely necessary" - I think the bloods can wait another week don't you?  Lol!

Anyhoo, I am here to show you a card I created for a very dear friend who has a birthday this week who loves mice and I have taken a leaf out of Lisa's (Wishcraft) book to try and use some of my older stamps this year.  I think this one was in the first year of my Penny Black addiction.

Challenges for this card:

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Penny Black - Cheesecake Message
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Sentiment  Hero Arts
Other  Martha Stewart border punches, red card from stash

I'm off downstairs again now to have a little play, on the assumption that the heaters in the conservatory have now got the temperature above the 3.7C that it was earlier!

Hugs, Sxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Too Heavy Handed With The Squidgee Thing

Afternoon all, here I am again (you can tell I've had withdrawal symptoms can't you) with my second post of the day.  My earlier post of Animal Antics is here.

So I am back with my LESS IS MORE card for this week and their colour challenge of AQUA.  Now, a friend and I always debate this one - I tend to see more blue, and she sees more green.  

I really struggled to get a crisp photo of this one - I think the poor light and a lot of white on the card totally confused my phone camera.  This has been the best I've managed.

Using a Hero Arts flower stamp and VersaMark, I created a watermark image, and then with the sponge squidgee thing I inked over with Tumbled Glass Distress Ink.  I think I was too heavy handed as the resist isn't as clean as it could be - next time I think I'll try it with clear or white embossing powder.  On the card base, I sponge inked a faint band in the same colour and over stamped with a tiny stamp.  Layering the panel over that, I then added the butterfly (a magazine freebie) and the sentiment.

Hugs, Sxx

Simon Says - Animal Antics

Morning all - it is so good to be back in blogland!  We have been without a home broadband connection for a week and I was starting to twitch.  We had a new router arrive a week ago, Toad set it all up and it was working fine - for eight hours.  Then it died.  The replacement router arrived this morning and, touch wood, so far so good.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to schedule a couple of posts, otherwise you might have all run off and left me!

Anyhoo, my card for today is for the SIMON SAYS STAMP challenge and one of my favourite themes - Animal Antics.

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Wee Stamps - Fluffy On A Lily
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  First Editions New Leaf
Sentiments  Hero Arts and Personal Impressions
Extras  Ordinary hole punch, gold borders from stash

I first saw this image released as a digi a while ago but I can't use digital images very well (printer ink issue) so as soon as I saw this in rubber I knew I just had to have it.  My thanks to Whimsy Stamps for their wonderful high standard of service in getting this little critter to me so quickly.

Sorry for poor quality of photo - we've not exactly had much daylight this week.  Woke up to a fine covering of snow this morning and, judging by the clouds, we are due for a bucketful more later.  Can someone come and dig me out in time for Church in the morning please?

Hugs, Sxx

Friday, 3 February 2012

Winter Wonderland - Blue & White

Morning all.  It's Friday at last, and we all know what Friday means by now - yay, it's WINTER WONDERLAND challenge day!

So what do we have for you this week I hear you cry?  Well, we have a colour theme and that is BLUE and WHITE - so, to qualify for this challenge, we would like to see your card principally blue and white and the only colour excepts are for skin, hair and fur.

And as it is our first challenge of February, our sponsor this week is

Here is my DT card:

Ingredients for this card are:
Stamped Image  Sugar Nellie Sassy - Bad Hare Day
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  DCWV - old pack that has lot its cover
Sentiment  Personal Impressions
Extras  EK Success daisy punches and standard hole punch

So, with the snow that is forecast, and the bright blue sky that will follow (yes, it will) what more inspiration do you need?!  Looking forward to seeing your entries.

Hugs Sxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dr Lofty

Happy Wednesday folks!  Well, that's the week half over, almost, so for me it is only two more days and then a three-day weekend (whoooo!) as I am using up the very last of my 2011 holiday on Monday.

I made this little card at the weekend, inspired by the Less Is More sketch but I won't enter it for the challenge as I get the feeling that "cute" isn't the perfect style.  But, I like cute - it cheers me up and makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy, awwwwh -  and you won't get me away from it from more than one card at a time, lol!

Very few ingredients for this one
Stamped Image  Joanna Sheen Lofty & Co
Medium  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers  Scrap of Basic Grey Jovial
Sentiment Hero Arts

Catch up with you all again at the weekend!
Hugs, Sxx

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