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Monday, 6 June 2016

Half Cat / Half Lizard

You can tell the weather has warmed up when the cat spends the whole weekend basking in the conservatory like a lizard.

OK, an upside down lizard.

And don't you believe the lies that tummy tells - that is not an invitation to fluff!

Hugs to all
Squirrel, and Rosie


Alison59 said...

Ha ha lovely >^-^<

~@ngie~ said...

lol a fantastic photo... I'd love to bask in the sun but I burn way too easily these days... but a conservatory sounds like the perfect place to bask ;) hehehe xXx
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Tanya said...

But you know you still want to fluff it! :D Our savage beast does this as well, lulls you into a false sense of security then goes for the jugular :P But they're just so cute you can't be mad for long :D ahahaha


Bridget Curnow said...

Rosie is sooooooo sweet,, she looks completely satisfied, she is the cat that got the cream alright just look at her little half smile :) i miss being owned by a cat, I love their independent nature and their quirkiness
Have a lovely evening
Hugs Bridget :) xx

Helen said...

She looks so sweet; my doggie is lying in the same way, but I can fluffy her belly all the time (without being eaten ;-) alive) xx

Daffodil Cards said...

Love she blends in with the cushions LOL. She has lovely colouring.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I always call myself a lizard because my dreams include basking on rock in the summer and then again I always suggest that I must be part cat because I like naps and hate getting my paws wet, so there may be something to this half cat - half lizard thing. Rosie has the best of both worlds right here! And yes, the tummy can be a lie, be very very careful.

Annette said...


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