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Friday, 9 December 2011

Trust Me, Genes Have Nothing To Do With It

My mother, God bless her, is a natural baker.  She can turn out a cake in the blink of an eye and it ALWAYS tastes good.  Even when the only thing in the fridge is a lump of hard cheese, she can magic a cake out of nowhere.

So why did I not inherit this skill?  Over the years I have come to realise that there is no such thing as a Baking Gene, and if there was, then I certainly was somewhere else when it was handed out.  Even my Yorkshires are iffy (I could keep the Olympic Ice Hockey team in pucks for a lifetime) and my cakes are, well, not very cakey.

So imagine my surprise and unbounded delight when, after a large bout of insanity struck, I managed to turn out a light fruit cake this week!

OK, it is a little scruffy round the edges but that's totally my fault for rushing the lining of the tin.  However, and this is the important bit, it is EDIBLE!  And it actually tastes pretty good and there is no need for a gallon of tea to wash it down with either, lol. 

Sure it won't ever win any beauty contests.  But I made it, and I'm proud of it.  So much so that I am taking a chunk of it to mum tomorrow for her to pass judgement on!

Hugs, Sxx


Aj* said...

oooooh Give us a slice !! Good chunk of fruity is just whats needed to keep the smiles going in this weather.

Whats wrong with the yorkies ? lets see if we can fix it for you.


Sharon said...

Mmmm, I'm imagining a slice of that in a bowl with lots of custard poured over it. Looks yummy.

Christina said...

Looks really delicious Squirrel!!
Hugs Kristel

Wishcraft said...

Well done hun :o) I don't like fruit cake (one of the few cakes I don't like lol) but I'm glad it turned out well! Lisa x

annies place said...

It looks lovely & it never matters what anything looks like, it's the taste that counts, I'm sure your mum will be very proud of you
Ann x

Chrissy said...

Well done you..I cant bake either...I can cook, no problem, even surprise guests dont phase me, but baking!!....I left that to my mother and now my daughter.
Your cake looks gorgeous,I think I can smell the fruit way over here.


craftymum said...

ooh yummy cake Squirrel. Wish you could pass it to us via the internet!!!
hugs sarah x

Dot said...

Uhmmm I'm sure it's abs fab. Send a pice yo me please.

Faith A said...

Wonderful, I can't do any baking! the oven's temperature will cook meat, but certain;y nothing else, I keep asking to get an electric cooker as we have gas now, it seems to be a big job, as it always is!!!!!! So will have to wait or go and order one and then it will HAVE to be fitted LOL

Pauline C said...

Ooh yummy ... Pity you don't live round the corner or I'd say "get the kettle on" and I'd be round to put the word to rights over a slice and a cuppa!, It looks really good. Sadly I can neither bake nor cook so you're ahead of me on all counts ther lol!!
Pauline x

Kaz said...

Ooooh save me a slice too Squirrel!
That would go down a treat with my cuppa. Looks fab hun ...... enjoy!
Kaz xx

Rufus said...

Way to go, Squirrel! I'll bet your Mum will be proud of you.

Jackie said...

Well done Squirrel. I never could master the art of baking or even cooking now I think about it. Me and cooking/baking just do not mix :o)
Jackie xx

Zippy said...

Yummy cake hun! GIMME! xxxx

coops said...

oh it looks scrummy hun.well done you :D
i love baking but have an electric oven and its pants for baking plus last time i went through my baking fad i put on 2 stone.lol :D

xx coops xx

BumbleVee said...

it goes the other way too you know... my Mom hardly cooked or baked at all....but, I love it. And.... if you follow recipe directions...and just take your time...it all turns out amazingly well.... baking is more of a science than cooking..you must follow measurements.....

I love fruit cakes... not many do though it seems.... today I am making chocolate cocoanut muffins... an experiment actually.... let's hope they turn out wonderful!

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