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Monday, 11 July 2011

Geography Test

Right then class, pay attention - who can tell me where I've been today ......

Struggling to work it out?  This last one will give you a massive clue!

Beautiful day at the seaside - had a super lunch on the pier, a wander around some horribly expensive shops, toodled up into the town where Toad fell in love with this brewery jug and just had to have it for his home brew (he has ambitions that boy), into a few more scary shops including a craft cooperative where Toad picked up a fairly ordinary coffee mug that was priced at - gulp - £25!  I made him put it down very carefully, lol!

Tired, sore feet and sun scorched cheeks, but happy.

Hugs, Sxx


Chrissy said...

So glad you had a lovely day. 25 quid for a mug..hells belles....sound like one of our stores here, I cant even afford to peak through the window.
Glad Toad got a nice jug..nice to hear you sound happy and relaxed.

Aj* said...

Toad has good taste !! I love the shape of that jug !


Lisa said...

Hi Squirrel, Glad you've had a lovely day in Southwold. Have been many times over the years (used to live near Loddon so only about 30 mins away). Lovely seaside town but shops are a bit expensive but nice to browse.

Lisa x

Carol said...

Hello Squirrel
I remember Southwold well. I was there on holiday during the big flood.

Rufus said...

Looks like you and Toad had a fun time. Will be looking forward to hearing what ends up in the jug!

Jackie said...

I recognised it as soon as I saw the lighthouse then the beach huts clinched it :o)
Jackie xx

coops said...

stunning pics squirrel.looks really beautiful and how much for a mug!!!! was it gold plated :D

xx coops xx

Mags said...

Southwold! (I recognised the lighthouse!) What a beautiful place it is, though the prices are extortionate. I hope you have a lovely day today, too!

luv, Mags x

tilly said...

Just love the shape of that jug... no wonder Toad loaves it.... looks a beautiful place for a day out(never heard of it though lol)

Zippy said...

£25 for a mug! I want a whole dinner service for that!

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