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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Less Is More and Domestic Goddess (Ha!)

Happy sunny Saturday everyone!  Well, I hope it is sunny where you are - it is a truly beautiful Spring day here in the east of England and it is making my spirits fly.  And the dust ......

My mother, bless her feather duster, is the ultimate Domestic Goddess.  That woman takes cleaning to a whole new level and can spot a single speck of dust floating in at 300 paces, without her bi-focals, and it doesn't get a chance to land.

So what went wrong?  Some things are naturally inherited, hair and eye colour, height and weight, but some things seem to skip a generation and for me that means domestic skills.  I am the first one to wave my hand in the air and admit that I am a housework sloven.  I suffer from Dust Blindness, I simply don't notice it until seeds germinate in it and I wonder why the bookcase has turned green and fuzzy.  I am far to easily distracted by more interesting things, which explains why our house looks more like student accommodation than that of two professional adults and one fat cat.  Toad is just as bad as me, his mind is elsewhere and dreamy.  Let's face it, you know you have a problem when the only time you actually notice the cat hair is when you managed to produce a meal without any in it.  It has become a third condiment, salt, pepper and cathair.  If I die coughing, could someone tip off the Coroner to look for a hairball?

But this glorious sunshine is highlighting the problem.  The low angle of the sun is showing the ploughed field on the coffee table and the enormous cobweb that has grown overnight - I am really going to start taking lessons I think.  Oh the shame.

Anyhoo, enough of that, LESS IS MORE have an interesting challenge this week - Chrissie and Mandi are asking the LIMettes to create a One Layer Card with a theme of Focus On The Sentiment ....... crumbs!

Here is my first attempt ......

This idea just popped into my head while I was watching the Formula 1 qualifying this morning (see, another housework distraction) and I just had to get it onto card before I could think about anything different.

A 5x5 white pre-creased card base, simple single ink line border in black.  I stamped the Penny Black Birthday Dreams stamp in Memento Rose Bud straight onto the card and then masked it to overstamp the Happy Birthday text stamp.  Then I used a deckled edge rectangle Nestie as a drawing guide for the border around Birthday Dreams.  Finally I added a tiny sparkling butterfly as contrast and three pink gems to compliment.

Personally, I really like it but that won't stop me having a few more plays with this challenge!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and comment on my Touch Of Red cards this week, I really appreciate it and I am sorry that I was not able to return the favour.  With being ill for several days, it has taken it out of me but I am on the mend so will pop over and catch up with as many of you as I can this week.

Off for a tail trim shortly and then we are meeting friends over at our local pub for an early evening meal.  Really looking forward to that.

Hugs, Sxx


kelly said...

absolutely gorgeous!
Don't worry I seem to share your sickness, I think it's because why would you want to clean, when you could be making a beautiful card?!
kelly xx

Tasha said...

LOL my mother is like monica from friends anally retentive when it comes to cleaning and you could eat food from her floor itts that clean.
I however skipped the gene too, i dont mind cleaning im just not as good as it as she is and inevitably get tutted at when she pops round to mine! I feel your pain lol

Love your card, loving these CAS designs, something i personally struggle with
love tasha xx

Susie Sugar said...

I love your fun bright happy card
Hugs Susie Sugar xx

Jane said...

I love this happy card, my mother is also housework obsessed the gene skipped right over my head lol xx

Aj* said...

Soo pretty ))

we have the same mothers ? My mother OCD about housework, totally loath it when she comes to visit, mud, cat hair, dog hair (working dogs who are not allowed beyond the back porch either !) horse hair, straw, hay, silage, a rare breed of spider (only found on 2 places on this isle, my house being their main breeding hub it seems) 2 small children, everyone elses children & their popcorn..

I gave up on the whole neatfreak idea longg ago. Muddled chaos rules ! My studio is pristine and thats all that matters lol.

Enjoy your night out !


Dragonlady said...

Hi there

Oh you did make me laugh - I think this is a common affliction amongst crafters otherwise when would we find the time to craft!!! Something has to give and for me it is a very easy decision - house work comes way down my list of things I need to do.
I have loved seeing your Less is More creations and this is another super card.

Have a great sunny weekend - it is lovely in the South west too.

Hugs Ali x

Debgem said...

LOL!!! The housework gene passed me by too!! :) Still that means we have time for more interesting things.

Your card is lovely - I really like the way the red birthday sentiment pops!

Mandi said...

I thought 'crumbs' this week too even though Chrissie and I set every challenge between us lol
Super card, FAB mix ofd sentiments and colours
Oh and for the record what's dust? I'm sure I have none...NEVER look ha ha
Thank you Squirrel
"Less is More"

Jan said...

Fab card xx Jan

Hello From Texas said...

Oh I'm in so much trouble. I'm at work ... sadly ... and here I sit looking at challenge cards. I probably could have slipped under the radar of notice, except I couldn't keep myself from laughing out loud over your post!!!
I'm ever so grateful my Mom lives in California; she has to give me at least 24 hours notice before she visits; that gives me time to hire a truck, toss the enire house of junk in there, and then pay close friends to come and help me dust, sweep, wash and in general, get my house spotless. :) I agree, there is too much else in life to be bothered with cleaning. I keep half the kitchen clean and both bathrooms, that should be good enough. ;)

Anyway ... your card is absolutely fabulous. I love it, every single detail. I can't wait to get home and try this challenge out!!

I hope you don't mind, and if you do please give a shout, I might case your lovely card.
Enjoy your eveing with friends.


Deb said...

Beautiful card, fabulous stamping!
Darn that sun for showing up the dust! you could be here today in the middle of the longest snowstorm ever, I am so done with winter!
enjoy the rest of your weekend!
happy crafting, Debxx

Helene said...

Oh that is just gorgeous.

Bernadet said...

Great design - very eye-catching!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card and thanks for making me smile! xx

TAM said...

Fabulous card really like it.
Your comments about housework etc really made me smile like you I think there are better things in life to do - the family know better than to comment, otherwise they get the hoover, duster etc. and told to get on with it :)

Linby said...

This is lovely, the red really pops against the black. I hope you are fully recovered soon.

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Really like what you've done with the sentiments here.
Hugs, Sandra

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wowser! Gorgeous! Well done! Lx

Uma said...

very clever and creative

Susan said...

Squirrel, I've found the solution to dirt and dust...hire a maid! Mine only comes twice a month...but I leave everything for her (wouldn't want her to think she wasn't needed! LOL)

Love the simplicity of your card...perfect for the challenge!

Valerie said...

Great card, so original and you do know that dusting affects the creativity gene :)
You always make me giggle.
Val x

Kat said...

Great card Squirrel. I'll need to see if I have something that fits this challenge when I get home from visiting my daughter.
I think the cleaning gene missed me too. I don't mind hoovering but I hate dusting. Trouble with all this lovely sunshine is that it shows up the dust.

Kat xx

Rosemary said...

fabulous card!! it is more fun to craft then clean for sure!!

Caroljenks said...

Squirrel you do make me laugh! You had me laughing out loud and shreaking with horror all in the same post! .....The horror bit was the cat hair not your card ;)
I also hate the sun coming through the window at that unkind angle - I had to dust the tv unit today as the kids had starting playing 0's and x's in it ;)

I love what you've done with the stamps here - and the frame using the Nestie is fab!

Carol x

fatmonica said...

It's a great card.

Chrissy said...

Oh! my girl..you had me in hysterics....the dog thought I had gone insane...lol...the more I laughed the more he jumped around..and you dont want a 90lb dog jumping around in such a small place..lol..Great card Hun....[as I wipe the tears from my eyes]..Would never have thought of that in a million years...Just imagine having guests for tea...'do you want a cat hair with that' ..lol..aaahhhh! I got black dog hairs all over my place, and I dont care..but I clean other houses for a living...lol..Go figure.Thanks for such a fun post....

martina's kaartjes said...

this is one great card !
greetings, martina

Chrissie said...

You are obviously a girl after my own heart, what my cleaning lady doesn't clean, doesn't get cleaned!
This card is great and I'd love to see what other gems you can come up with!
Enjoy the super weather.
"Less is More"

coops said...

brilliant cas card squirrel.love the fab stamps you`ve used and lol at cleaning.whats that?
lifes too short for dusting when theres life to live :D
seriously though me and my hubby try and share the chores but its still a cluttered house :D

xx coops xx

Pooh Bear said...

Loving this card Squirrel. I'm gonna have to admit I'm a bit like your mum I Lurvs cleaning, housework not too hot on the ironing front but i could clean for Scotland

Have a fab day

Ali x

Kristel said...

That is really gorgeous Squirrel! Looks amazing!
Hugs Kristel

Lynne K said...

Fantastic card! Love the masking and the butterfly.

Lynne x

Gina said...

This one really caught my eye - its lovely. The cleaning, or lack of it, stories had me really laughing - trouble with dust is, if you move it, it just comes back. At least if you leave it you know where it is :-)
Gina x

Aileen said...

I definitely don't think you should be dusting when you can produce lovely cards like this! Just close the curtains LOL!!! x

JeNjOy said...

I love your design, great card.
jenjoy x

Lizy said...

Brilliant card Squirrel and it has given me some inspiration...thanks!
Lizy x

Tricia :O) said...

WOW - GORGEOUS!!! Love you idea :O) Looking forward to next week.

Delphine said...

LOL! We have a lot in common, I think:-)... i don't have the gene either... Your card is gorgeous (again!), I love the masking, brilliant! The butterfly and little gems are the perfect finishing touch! Hugs Delphine xx

Suzi B said...

Love it!

Lynne said...

Oh you did make me laugh.Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book. I`d get much more crafting done. Your card is brilliant BTW
Lynne xxx

Faith A said...

Wow! LOVE it

Jenny said...

Great card :)
Jenny x

Rachelxx said...

Love the card - and your post :-) My MIL used to come in & comment that if I tidied up a bit the place would look cleaner!!! No way - I'm far too busy :-)


Love this card - a really inventive design and the background stamp is fab. Sylvia x

GoonerGirl said...

Love the card ...Chrissieann xx

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