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Friday, 18 March 2011


I don't know about you, but I am so glad it is the weekend!!  It's been a week and a half but more of that later - first my card for tonight.

Now, how many of you make cards to order?  And how often do you get some strange requests?  Mine seem to be getting odder and more frequent.  One of the partners came up to me at work on Tuesday and asked me to make an invitation card.  She is married to one of the other partners and his parents are both 80 this year, dad tomorrow and mum in November.  They wanted to treat them away to a hotel weekend somewhere in East Anglia so the card was basically to invite mum and dad to choose a date as to when they would like their treat weekend.  A lovely idea I thought.

So, having ascertained that they don't have any particular interests or hobbies I had to put my thinking cap on.

I first of all went down the route of a four poster bed and then thought as they are 80 it might not be appropriate!  I ended up by thinking that most elderly people (and I apologise if this is a sweeping generalisation) like flowers.  What flowers do I think of when I think of East Anglia ...... summertime.....cornfields......poppies!

Because the stamp from Woodware is so large, I've kept the design so simple it's ridiculous.  I painted the image with distress inks and inked the edges with green Memento ink.  I used a sheet of colour matching paper from my Papermania leftovers for the central strip.  Inside, I printed the invitation on white card and matted it on to another piece of the spotty paper.

I was a bit worried it was too simple but when I handed it over this morning she loved it, and she particularly liked the reason I had chosen the poppy, so much so that she paid me double what I had asked!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the firm's occupational health doctor to see what his views were on this neck and shoulder pain that I've had on and off for months.  He was a really nice chap and did everything he could to put me at ease.  We had quite a chat with him asking loads of questions and making notes and then he did the examination.  As he moved my left shoulder, there was a loud click, then when he did my right, there was a louder click and a lot of grinding noises (kinda got used to that but I think he was a bit surprised).  Anyway, the long story cut short - osteoarthritis.  Bum!  So, he made a few suggestions about how to be more comfortable but unfortunately there ain't a cure.  Not what I wanted to hear.  He did however suggest that I change my handbag (he actually put it on the scales to weigh it) for a backpack so that's a valid excuse to go shopping, lol!

Anyhoo, I've rambled big time, and the Toad has now walked in looking hungry so best I scamper off and get some dinner on before the poor little chap fades away ......

Sees ya all tomorrow.


Mandy said...

Stunning card hun, so elegant and beautiful, well done you on being given double the price :)
Sorry to hear about your creaks and grinds hun, I do sympathise and know how flipping painful it is
hugs Mandy xx

Claire x said...

Great card and a great choice of image! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis hun, a real bummer - I think we are have handbags that weigh a ton don't we? LOL. Hugs, Claire x

Jo said...

Sorry you didn't get the best news from the doc, I do sympathise.

The card is great, I love poppies.

Jo x

mckinkle said...

Super invite Squirrel, I love the red and white and the poppies are beautiful!

I know how you feel re the OA, the initial shock is the worst bit really. Sending you gentle hugs :o

Keryn x

Kristel said...

That is a gorgeous card Squirrel! Looks so beautiful that poppy!
Hugs Kristel

Tasha said...

ooohhh i must say the clicking bit made me cringe - OW!!! Hope you get that backpack and it helps. I love this CAS design, the poppy is so pretty
love tasha xx

Rufus said...

Very pretty poppy, great reason and double?? Wowsa! I'm with Tasha the clicking made me cringe too, and the grinding sounds even worse! Bummer indeed. You didn't say what the purse weighed, LOL. My Chiro got on me about mine. Hey, it's an excuse to go shopping!!

Mary J said...

What an elegant and beautiful card - they will love it!

You poor thing, Squirrel! Our bones are all deteriorating! I get pains in my knees and nothing they can do about it which is a pain because I do a lot of walking (with the dogs!). I hope his advice helps a bit though!

Jackie said...

Beautiful card Squirrel, I adore poppies :o)
Jackie xx

Mad Moose said...

fabulous card! love the image x

tilly said...

a stunning card and like the reasoning behind it, sorry to hear your health is long term problem

coops said...

stunning card squirrel.i love the beautiful poppy and fantastic colouring hun.sorry to hear about your shoulder and neck pain hun.hope you find something to ease it a little :D

xx coops xx

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

ooh, I think this is LOVELy and I'm not at all surprised the recipient loved it too. Shame about your shoulder. Hope it gets more comfortable with the Doc's suggestions.
Hugs, Sandra

Faith A said...

Yep think I would give you doublew too, it's lovely

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