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Friday, 11 February 2011

Two Pieces of Excellent News!

No card for you this evening but two pieces of excellent news to share:

1.  First and foremost, I FOUND THE TABLE!  Wheeeeeeeeee, which means, having done that this afternoon, I get ALL DAY TOMORROW to craft, double wheeeeeeeeeee!  And I get my Chinese takeaway!  I'll be totally honest, I am ashamed at the amount of cr*p that had accumulated - me and him are terrible, we put things down on the table for 5 minutes, and it is still there 6 months later (you can tell we don't use it for meals, lol).  AND I've finally got rid of the hideous, ripped and torn (thanks Vince) snowflake patterned vinyl tablecloth - I dread to think how long that has been there, but it served it's purpose, it stopped me getting paint all over the tabletop.  I found two monkeys (Kipling, off my handbags), Mr Potato Head, Vince's grooming brush that he hates, a bar of chocolate, my nice Parker fountain pen, and several tiny packs of embellies and a couple of freebie packs of papers, marvellous! 

2.  Just noticed that my Hits Counter has today reached 50,000 - A HUGE THANK YOU to all my loyal and wonderful followers for sticking with me and visiting as often as you do, even when I'm being a right mardy moo.  There will be a larger than usual candy coming up to celebrate this momentous event and also my second blogoversary.  Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Right, time for dinner now, so I'll see you all tomorrow.

Squirrel xx


craftymum said...

Hi Squirrel
congrats on the hits!
And so glad you found your table!!!!
hugs sarah
p.s. I have a little bit of candy on offer on my blog

Julie said...

Aw,fancy tidying my craft desk whilst you're in the mood? X

Aunty Sue said...

Hi now you have found the table and the rest fancy coming sorting my house. Congrats your hits

Zippy said...

Well done on the hits love! And you had better keep that table clean and tidy or else....!!!! xxxx

cebelica said...

Yay, congrats on 50,000 hits. :D
And a big hooray for getting a new table! Have fun crafting tomorrow! :D


Hi Squirrel
Congratulations on all your hits anf glad you found your table,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Mandy said...

You make me laugh so much you crazy woman, I wondered what on earth you were going to say about finding a table lol.
Congrats on all your hits hunny
hugs Mandy xx

Debs said...

Ooh well done on finding your table, and so quickly too!! Enjoy your Chinese and your time off. Congrats on all your well deserved hits. Debs xx

mckinkle said...

Well done you on doing your crazy crafty clearance! Hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable day of craft craft & craft tomorrow!

Congrats on your 50,000 hits!

Keryn x

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

hun you can come any time lol :-)
we are a bunch of crazy ones :-)

heiiiii congrats on your blog hit.. no wonder - your cards are exquisite

Ann said...

Thank you for popping over to "visit" today, your pancakes/crumble/shortbread is still awaiting your arrival :-)

Ann said...

oh forgot to say congrats on all your hits.......
well done.

Kat said...

Hi Squirrel, well done on finding your table. I can see a bit of mine so I know it's there lol! And congrats on all those hits. My counter lost the plot at about 6,000 and suddenly jumped to 11,000 so I had to re-set it!

Enjoy the takeaway.

Kat xx

Caroljenks said...

Hi Squirrel - I'm so glad you found Mr Potato Head.....Oh, I mean the table! AND chocolate too!!!
Enjoy your crafting tomorrow - I look forward to seeing loads of creations!

Carol x

Rufus said...

Yahoo!! Not only did you find that table, sounds like you found some goodies. Now would you please come find mine??? After all, now you're experienced in these sorts of archeological excavations!

Victoria said...

congrats on both x

Dot said...

Hi Squirrel!
You made me laugh, thank you. Enjoy your table as long as you have it! Have a great weekend.
hugs Dorte

Chrissy said...

I have left something on my blog for you

Marcea said...

totally bonkers - prob why I love you so much xxx

coops said...

big congrats on your hits hun and i know what you mean about the dining table, mine is actually clear at the mo, its a miracle.enjoy your chinese and happy crafting :D

xx coops xx

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