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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quit While You're Ahead......

OK, so where did today start to go wobbly?  Not sure, but I should have learned by now to stop while I'm ahead!

First off - we've been playing Epic Mickey on the Wii for ages and loving it.  Well, when I say "we've" been playing, I mean that I get the controls and Himself watches and gives helpful suggestions ....... we went back to it on a level where we had got stuck and, after a couple of getting squished moments, I found the exit and we're off into the next level.  This one is a toughie, lots of baddies to deal with, and lots of leaps of faith - as in, it's a huge gap, he's only a little mouse, can he make it - I know it is only a game - so why do I close my eyes when I make Mickey jump?  Anyway, we got stuck ..... again!

So I toddled off to make a card.  I chose a High Hopes stamp that has been sitting there, un-inked, for quite a while.  I enjoyed painting it, but then that's when it all fell apart.   I started with a 6X6 card, but because of the shape and size of the image it looked a bit odd.....but I still carried on.  Then, when it was put together, it looked rubbish - and Himself agreed.  In a hissifit now, I pulled it all apart, and tried again with a 5X7 card, but this time I managed to cut the jungle print paper too short.....thank goodness for wet glue, so slid that up a bit and thought about a peel off for the side....somewhere I had a vineleaf one.....rummage rummage ferret furtle....blast, no, that's red......rummage rummage....ah-ha, black one, that's it ......nope, still looks rubbish, ***s, out with another High Hopes stamp, quick colour with ProMarkers and slap it on the front....but it looks slapped on.....aaargh!  Not got time for all this messing about.....need to get dinner on .......

Oven on, veggies out of freezer (good old Aunt Bessie) and chicken out of fridge ..... it's still frozen!  B****ks!  Right, thinking cap on - have chicken tomorrow, but what for dinner today.....bacon sandwich, that'll do for now.....tonight?  Well, nothing for it, leftover Chinese!!  Things are getting desperate now - I think I'll make Himself drive into town later.....just to be on the safe side. 

And that's another thing - my car has a flat battery - or something.  We jump started it Friday afternoon, went to it yesterday morning and it was as flat as the flattest flat thing again.  Grrrrrrr.

Right, I'm off downstairs to see  little bit of the Ireland v France game ...... perhaps I should cheer for the side I DON'T want to win, that might sort things out.......

Hugs, Squirrel xx

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Kristel said...

This is one is pretty too!!
Hugs Kristel

Uma said...

looks fine to me, great peel off

Tracy said...

I love your image Squirrel, I've had a shitty day too, my monitor decided to give up and I haven't blogged all day, withdrawls creeping in Tee-hee.
Hope tomorrow goes better.
Happy crafting
tracy x

Mina said...

oh no to bad days but hey ho tomorrows another day lets hope its a better one for you...fabulous card, Its such a fab stamp
Mina xxx

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie fabulous card hun love the image its fab. Sounds like you may be needing new battery or maybe have a battery & alternator test done 1st....I really hope today is better for you hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

coops said...

lol.oh dear what a day you`ve had but you have made me smile.
i love the image , its fun and i love the little monkeys :D
i hope today is going more smoothly for you :D

xx coops xx

Tasha said...

LOL you did make me laugh with 'flat as the flatest flat thing' lol!

I think your card is super fun, love the image, its so annoying when you cut the paper a tad too short isnt it, it drives me round the bend
love tasha xx

Janiel/ janny said...

Love this very fun card!!!
I hope your day today is better than your Sunday was..
hugs, Janiel

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