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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Do Not Mistake Your Cat For Underwear

So pleased to be able to let you know that the Fuzzmeister is much better this morning.  He finally came out of the wardrobe last night but was incredibly subdued with no interest in anything.  He did spend part of the night on the bed snuggled up to my legs.

This morning, up and about, purring and a couple of miaows and wanting his breakfast.  Can't tell you how much of a relief that is - painful memories of Mollie's last days came flooding back.

Mind you, we have just given each other a bit of a shock when I mistook his head for my black bra.  Yes, I know! I had just come out of the bathroom, no specs on and the curtains were still pulled so the room was quite dark.  I was looking for something black, satiny and rounded and there it was.  Reached out to grab it but it was warm, furry and a tad annoyed - how was I to know he'd curled up in the bottom of the wardrobe again for a quick nap!  Not sure who was the most startled.

Squirrel xx


Tasha said...

Hahahaha thats so funny lol
love tasha xx

freckleface said...

pmsl...glad its not just me!!..though i have a silver tabby so i havnt mistook her for underwear yet.... :-)

Zippy said...

Cant stop laughing about this! The words 'should have gone to Specsavers' comes to mind......!

coops said...

lol, that has tickled me now, hubby is giving me strange looks.my mr furball decided to up chuck his fishy meal all over my windowsill earlier and my curtains.i got filthy looks from my hubby when i got him out of bed to clean it up, hehehehehe.luv coops.xx

Pauline C said...

Oh bless you hun!! That little anecdote has made my day tee hee!
Pauline x

Rufus said...

Have to tell you that the title had me giggling even before I opened up the post! So glad that he's back to his "old" self. Nothing worse than a sick fur baby. They have such a hard time telling you were and what hurts! Thanks for the laugh. They are always appreciated!

Jeanette said...

OH my Gosh SQUIRREL! What are you like? I am laughing so hard that I am crying! You are too funny!
Hugs Jeanette :)

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