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Saturday, 13 March 2010

20,000 Hits & Blogoversary Candy Warning!

Well chaps, in a week's time it will, technically, be my first blogoversary - I say technically because that is the day I first ventured towards setting this up but I didn't start blogging in anger until much later in the year.

And today, I am celebrating 20,000 hits!  Unbelievable.  So a HUGE thank you to all my wonderful blogging friends, loyal followers and occasional visitors for making this possible.

Problem.  Someone thought it might be a good idea to give up spending on craft goodies for Lent.  Which means that this someone can't provide you with a celebratory candy until after Easter now!

So, put a date in your diary - Saturday 10 April.  There will be candy.

Squirrel xx


Julye said...

Hi Squirrel, congrats on your 20,000 hits and your blogaversarry whenever you celebrate. Maybe you should be like the queen and have 2, one for the real date and one for when you choose to celebrate. Thanks for your kind comment about my box and card, looking at it now its posted the colours aren't fantasticly shown as the base card is pearlised liliac and there's grey andburgundy too but never mind thats what it looked like in the early morning light well 6:40 ish guess I should have put the light on too,enjoy your weekend and mothers day whatever you do Julye

freckleface said...

WOW..20,000 hits!!...well done you :-)..i havnt made the big 10 yet..lol... Debs x

Tany Sol said...

Congrats on your hits Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your blog!!!

Marcea said...

lol, you are so funny
Congratulations hun - where does the time go??

Rufus said...

Congrats on all those hits, Squirrel! That's fine about the candy, I'm on a diet!

Wishcraft said...

Congrats on all those hits hun - hope the spending ban isn't too painful :o) I have no idea how many hits I'm on because my hit counter's reset itself for the 3rd time now grrr! Think I'm just going to take it off! Lisa x

☼ Cheryl* said...

Congrats on so many hits!
wow no spending and you can do it?! I am glad it was my birthday yesterday so I got my new craft goodies fix, hehe :)

Marisa said...

Hi Squirrel, congratulations on your milestones. I'm not surprised you get so many visitors, it is always an inspiration to see what you have made.

craftymum said...

Congrats Squirrel on so many hits. I have a way to go to catch you up!!
Take care and keep crafting!!!!!
Love sarah XXX

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Squirrel and well done on keeping your lenten promise x

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