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Thursday, 14 May 2015



Reward Offered


MoJo is quite old and getting very slow these days.  He used to be quite a busy little soul and was always thinking about colours, shapes, rubber stamps and patterned papers.  He was last seen over a month ago after a badly planned incident with a glue gun and stranded glitter.

You might think MoJo is my invisible friend, but I used to be able to see him out of the corner of my eye, and he does talk to me about all sorts of things.  At least, I think it is his voice I am hearing.

If anyone has seen MoJo, or has knowledge of where he might be, there is a reward for information leading to his return.

Thank you
MoJoless Squirrel xx


Curly said...

Hey S perhaps you should leave out some chocolate that always helps when my mojo is missing, it would seem that it needs a chocolate boost every now and again lol
I hope he returns soon!! the days without mojo are the longest days indeed
Hugs Bridget :) xx

debby4000 said...

Do you think there's a retreat for Mojo's.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I think he is hiding at In the Pink challenge as you have won some LMM digis. He wants to use them on some cards and is waiting for you to claim your prize and get printing. Well done on winning, hope you find him hiding there and I will claim my reward please. Mine never goes missing thankfully, I have mine well trained x

Lorraine A said...

haha,,, aww this is so cute :-) Hope you find MoJo soon ;-)

Christine L said...

HA!!! You had me hook, line and sinker there believing that this was your pet!! Even the name didn't click with me!! Am I gullible or what??!! I did think how on earth did you leave a hot glue gun around when your pet was about......' AND THEN the penny dropped!!

Hope he's back soon hon!!
Christine x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Ha ha. My little one went missing a long time ago. If you find what to entice yours back please let me know. Lol!!!

Helen said...

I think he is on holiday together with my Mojo, as I haven't seen him either for a while. Hope they will return soon.
regards Helen

Michelle said...

I think they're all off having a mojo party ....

KT Fit Kitty said...

Maybe my Mojo and your Mojo have gone off together. I hope we can find them!

downrightcrafty said...

hehehehehehehehe just get your WRS stamps out and mojo will return

Hugs Kate x

Chrissy said...

Don't the neighbours give you weird looks when you're outside calling "Mojo..here boy"??..they just don't get it. Hope he returns soon...


Jane said...

Well if I find Mojo I'll make sure he gets home safely!!

Annette said...

Hmmmm, he looks like he's been caught doing something he shouldn't be doing! Hun, I don't think your mojo's missing, I just don't think you're seeing him. Pick one of your favourite images, maybe an old James or a Penny Black, and get inky. I think Rosie might be willing to keep you company. I'm sure you'll fine he's return on Saturday when you get some girlie time.

Kat W said...

Oh dear, I do hope MoJo turns up soon...I like the idea of leaving chocolate out for him...that does often work for me - lol!

My other trick to bring back a missing MoJo is to buy some new craft stash, especially rubber stamps...that always brings him running back. That can be a rather expensive option though!

I hope you find him soon :-)

Big hugs, Kat xx

Sue said...

Flippin don't let your Mojo get near anyone else's Mojo's or we'll have hundreds of Mojo's everywhere before we even know it!... oh Squirrel you do make me smile...anyway, Marianne is right, mojo needs to visit In The Pink!!!

Jackie said...

Hehehehehe, only you could put a face to Mojo, and it's perfect. I do hope he comes back soon Squirrel, I miss my daily fix of you fabulous cards :o)
Jackie xx

Daffodil Cards said...

There must be a mojo convention somewhere, as mine has gone to it too. Hope the convention doesn't last long, I'm bored!

Ruth said...

Oh bless, I was thinking I hadn't checked your blog for ages and then I find your MoJo has been missing. Mine goes on retreats every now and again, especially when children are sick - like now! - I hope it comes back soon. I always find doing something completely different for a while - gardening? helps. Take care. Xx

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