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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Nicely Rounded

What's nicely rounded I hear you cry? Well, my shape for a start! It's something I always tell my hubby - I am in shape, coz round is definitely a shape, so there!

Anyhoo, I was actually thinking about numbers ..... just noticed that I now have 99 fantastic, fabulous, friendly followers BUT wouldn't it be nice to have that rounded up to a nifty, neat 100?

Any volunteers to be Follower 100? You never know, as well as trailing my slightly off-the-wall antics, there might be a little surprise in it for you .... oooh!

Squirrel xx


Wishcraft said...

Lol, I'm sure number 100 will be along soon hun :o)

Meant to ask you - where do you get your High Hopes stamps from? I really want to try some and actually went looking for some the other day but couldn't make up my mind so ended up buying something else, typical of me! Lisa x

Sheila said...

I love it - I'll have to use that one on my hubby! Congrats on the 99 - I'm sure #100 will be along soon.

pickle said...

Well looks like I am 100.. I am so honered to be your 100th follower..

Just popped over to say thank you so much for the lovely message you left on my blog about Buster passing. I see what you mean about him and vince , especially the belly lol

Thankyou for making me smile todday :) just what I needed


Squirrel x said...

Welcome on board Kerry! Hugs, Squirrel xx

Rach said...

hahaha, i have just upset your rounded number.. you'll have to aim for the rounded 200 now.. thought that i was a follower already.. mmmm not sure what is going on there *scratching head**
well i am defo a follower now.. :)
huggles Rachxxx

Squirrel x said...

You little tinker Rach! LOL! Good to have you on board though hun. Sxx

Enfys said...

Now you're up to 102......
big hugs
En xx

Squirrel x said...

Thanks babe, welcome to the madness! Perhaps 200 isn't that far off after all LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are a scream girl ;)

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