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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Water Water Everywhere

Happy Saturday all!  Are you having a sunny weekend?

A lot of you have noticed that I have not been around much for commenting and visiting your blogs of late, and for that I apologise.  There is a very good reason and that reason is *****ing technology.

We bought me a laptop about two and a half years ago.  Brand new, from a well known UK computer store.  There was an issue on the day as the one we wanted was the last one in stock and the "display" model.  I asked to speak to the manager to negotiate on price as we had no idea how long it had been on display or what kind of punishment it had taken.  He was the most miserable and uncooperative person, certainly with no customer service training that's for sure.  He offered us a £20 reduction.  I wasn't happy but Toad was agreeable as it was already at a reasonably good price.  So we bought it.

All was going well until about 12-14 months ago when I started having trouble with repetitive key strokes.  You would press, for example, the letter A just once and would get AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  It was a nuisance, but I could work round it.  Then the problem started to spread, across the whole keyboard, until it got so bad that I couldn't even get through the password stage.  Aarggh.  Toad offered to take it up to the repair place.  Fine.  Except it has taken all that time to get it done.  Him to deliver it I mean, not get it fixed, that only took a week!

I've had to beg, steal and borrow computer time to do the few postings I have managed, but (everything crossed) that should no longer be a problem because I HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK!!  Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

Anyhoo, while Toad was out this morning collecting the laptop, not only did he call in to the bakery next door and come back with two of the fattest cream cakes you have ever seen, but he also called into the neighbouring charity shop.  For the princely sum of 50p he bought me the cutest little porcelain pot that he thought I could use as a water jar for my painting, and he's right, I can!

I imagine it probably had a lid at one stage of it's life, I reckon it was probably a sugar bowl or something similar, but it is really sweet and as I only use bottled water these days for painting, it won't get ruined with nasty limescale inside.  When you hold it up to the light, you can see through it, it is that delicate.  Maybe a mistake giving it to me for holding water then, lol!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say hi, let you know I am properly back in blogland, and hope to see you all soon!

Hugs to all
Squirrel xx



Daffodil Cards said...

Good to see you back and I love your little so pretty pot. What a great hubby you have to choose something as pretty for you.
Have a great weekend

Christy Beans said...

Hey, Squirrelly Girl! Computer problems, ewww. But that pretty little blue water pot from your darling Toad is sweet.=) Hopefully Queen Rosie doesn't think it's a royal cup and try drinking out of it. Ha

I literally laughed out loud when I read "bags of time" as it brought to mind a burglar escaping from a clock shop with a bag of ill-gotten watches and cuckoos and old-fashioned alarm clocks. If one of those cuckoos raises the alarm, he's done for. Tee hee hee! Hugs, Beansie

Kathyk said...

Excellent choice by Toad. Relieved to hear your lappy is fixed .. I bet you are too!


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaa what a nightmare. I am so glad we bought a second laptop a year ago mainly because hubby uses it for editong photos and videos and the older laptop isn't up to it anymore but is fine for my needs and I love it. I mainly use my iPad for commenting and other stuff but my laptop for posting on my blog and using Office. So glad you are back again and your little pot is so pretty. Look forward to seeing your next post soon x

Sue said...

Hi Squirrel - how on earth have you managed without your laptop - eeeeek! So glad you have it back. What a thoughtful hubby you have - that pot is gorgeous. Have a super bank holiday weekend and make sure you sit with your feet up and enjoy the shenanigans in Monaco later!

Christine L said...

Glad to hear you're all fixed... and sounds like he got himself out of the bad books... cream cake AND a gorgeous little gift... clever Toad!

Christine x

Annette said...

I'd say that he's a keeper hun. :0) Lovely little jug and I'm glad you're back in blogland properly. I don't think I could manage without my laptop. xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

What a pretty little water pot. It doesn't look as delicate as you claim but I don't doubt you. Congrats on re-entering the world of technology.

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