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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Making A Stand

Hello chaps, I hope this finds you well and a little bit warmer than frosty yesterday!

Today the time has come, I am making a stand!  Facebook has become a menace to Blogland with all the immediate and instant gratification, along with the one click Like without the need to make an effort to leave a comment.  However, many of us have been forced into using it as a way to get our work seen and, like it or loathe it, it seems to be the place to be.  However, Facebook has done untold damage to Bloggers and this is where I make my stand.

I used to post here, and add a link with a photo to Facebook.  In my naive little world, I had thought that this might bring more traffic to my blog but, in the one-click world, it has had the opposite effect.  So, from now on:
  • I shall be seriously reducing my Facebook time 
  • I shall only post a link back to the blog post for that day with a partial photograph
  • Yes, I shall probably continue to post Rosie updates if anyone is interested enough but otherwise they will be here, on my blog
How many hours do I waste trawling through posts about who had what for dinner and where they have been shopping?  Is it really funny to have the F and C words used so much?  What does that really add to anything?

One voice in millions won't change the way Facebook works, but if more of you are brave enough to take the same stand, we might make Blogger the thriving community it once was, without all the dross.

Anyone out there prepared to join me to try and make 2016 a Blog Year?

When I was rummaging for stamps last week, I found poor old neglected Henry and thought it was about time that he came out to play again.
This is Skating Henry from Whiff of Joy (retired I think)
Painted with Distress Inks (ReInkers)
Papers are from a pad of BoBunny that is at least a couple of years old
Sentiment die from Clearly Besotted
Starry Night Edger from Joanna Sheen Signature Dies

Hugs to all, and solidarity to Bloggers!

Squirrel xx


Suze said...

I don't use Facebook at all - so I'm all with everything booming in Blogland!

Jackie said...

I am with you on the FB issue, I only go on it to keep in touch with my family, and I post an occasional few pics, but that is all. I don't understand the need for the language on there either!
I love your cards for yesterday and today Squirrel, both are beautiful CAS cards :o)
Jackie xx

Janice said...

Super card Squiz, and I so agree, blog land is a much better platform for cards. As you say, it is do easy to waste time on trivia on FB and so easily done! Jx

Helen said...

Hi Shirley, I am with you with regard to FB, but I must admit that I am guilty on just pushing like and sometimes leave a comment. My blogging time has been limited due to an injury on my right wrist, but I am trying to keep up with the people who leave also comments on my blog. Your card is lovely as always and I also browsed through my stamps last week and there are a lot of neglected ones (shame on me), so maybe I should use more of my time for my neglected stamps instead of spending it on FB. Regards, helen

Ribbon Girl said...

Very cute image on your card - I am a blogger and a facebooker so will keep using both Squirrel - Blog is best to show off my cards and makes as I can go into greater detail butFacebook is good for my business and also a great way to keep up with the doings of my far flung nieces, nephews, friends and family Have a nice day, Mary xx

Sharon said...

Here, here! Well said!
I don't have time for Facebook either.

Love your card, and the die (another on my wishlist)
Sharon x


Gorgeous and fabulous card Squirrel
Dianne xx :)

Irene said...

I'm a bit a bad blogger at the mo......christmas-card-stress *lol* but I do admire your creations scrolling through my list!!
I HATE FB!!! A couple of comments straight from the heart make me so much more hapyy (and I know it takes a lot of time!!) than all those quick thumbs up. Cannot see the thrill of have 160 likes at all so don't have it, don't want it and never ever will join FB and I totally agree with you!!!

Have a lovely day, xx Irene

tilly said...

well said squirrel.... I only use f/b to keep in touch with family abroad... much prefer the world of blogging, a more polite class of people. Love your skating Henry

Alison59 said...

I have never done FB Squirrel so will be lovely to have Rosie updates here xx
Fabby card :-)

Katrina Bufton said...

Good for you Squirrel, I hope you get more blog visitors. Brilliant idea just posting a partial photograph. FB is great for keeping up with family and friends but I do despair at the amount of dross on there sometimes.
Katrina x

Whisper said...

I used to post my cards on blog land, but I've stopped, as i share extra photos & info (usually about Harrison) on my blog, so if I do a link on my f/book page - anybody can click on the link !! - I won't stop using it, as I have lots of friends in OZ & it's my way of keeping in contact with them.

Your card is gorgeous & I'm loving the star border, luv Sam x

Tanya said...

Gorgeous card as always Squirrel ^_^

Tanya xx

Christina Hor said...

Oh love your card Squirrel! Make me miss how much I've love ice skating this time of year. I also love the Gone Fishing one from the other day! That's one of my favorite for boys' cards. I'm with you on the FB issue. I too thought by sharing my cards there will get more visitors to my blog. But quite the opposite and have rarely pop on FB now. Glad to hear someone is feeling the same way. Wishing you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving Squirrel!



Sarah said...

I'm with you Squirrel, I don't post on FB at all (mainly because I am an utter technophobe!!) and I only look at things that I want to (mainly New Forest ponies for sale or crochet patterns!!) and like you I have no desire to know what people had for lunch!! Definitely a Blog Year ahead!!

Oh and by the way your card is fab!! xx

Chrissy said...

I much prefer blogging than facebook..my DT teams sort of insist you do it, but my posts on there are short and sweet, much better here, just don't get the traffic like we used to..shame really..but at least I have a happy and fabulous card to look at..little Henry is so cute.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I like your thinking, must say I do both, like and blog. My main reason for my cards appearing on FB is to promote my work for mags, companies and craft fairs. I leave comments on some blogs every day. Anyway fab sweet card. Now let me see when was the last time you visited my blog mmmmmm xx

Ruth said...

This is so sweet! I love the sentiment against the background paper. As for FB, I just recently set up a page for my blog in an effort to get more traffic to it. I have to say it's not really done much yet and I tend to do all my commenting still on blogs as it's much nicer. I've joined Twitter but it's just odd! The one place that is brilliant for crafters is Instagram. It's a lovely place and really supportive. I've found a lot more blogs to follow through it than Facebook, which just tends to be an advertising place for bloggers. I shall continue to use it, but I'm definitely more on blogs and IG! Come on over, you know you want to!! Xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Gorgeous card sweetie. I have only just joined FB. I always said I wouldn't but was turning lots of DT positions down because their communications within the team was through FB. I am not a fan.

Lorraine said...

Aww, he's super cute!
I'm not very good on FB and often miss info on DT FB pages!...Blogs rule!
Lorraine x

Dorte said...

I'm glad you blow the dust of Henry- he is my first love!! FB is a 'time thief' and I so agree, blog land is a much better platform for cards.
hugs Dorte

debs29blue said...

Well said! Some people put the most dull parts of their lives on Facebook, or put roundabout comments without actually saying what they want in the hope people will ask! As for what people are eating!! I only joined FB to look at cards but it can take a while scrolling through all the weird and wonderful posts! Love your card! He's a sweet little fella! Hugs xx

Elise said...

HI Squirrel! An absolutely DARLING card with Henry coloured so BEAUTIFULLY!!! I love this!!! ooh and that Merry Christmas die cut is soooo pretty!!!

Big hugs,

Mickymunchkin's little space said...

well said :)

Mandy said...

Gorgeous card Squirrel! So cute and so beautifully coloured.
I totally agree with you!
I'm not a Facebook fan & only joined it for my Simon Says Stamp DT group!
Yes it's handy for keeping up with my family who live far & wide but there are so many things I dislike about it.
I noticed recently how much blogging had been affected by the quick & easy "Like" button & I think it's such a shame knowing how much time & effort goes into making handmade cards. I think people deserve more than a quick "like" for their creations & vowed to spend more time blogging which I think is far more enjoyable anyway
Mandy xx

Christine L said...

Your card is gorgeous Squirrel... I'm loving that little chappie with the happy smile!

And I totally agree about FB - especially about what it's done to blogging... but then again, there are bloggers around that just copy and paste a comment onto blogs - the same one goes on each blog they follow! I feel in blogland, that if someone took the time to write a blog post, and if I follow them - the least I can do is give them enough respect to actually READ their post and comment accordingly (hence this ramble!)

My Facebook page is often filled with cards from anyone and everyone - and I'm probably guilty too as my own blog is networked to FB from years back.. so you probably DO see my cards over and over. But I do get some lovely comments there too. I just don't like being told when someone that's on my friends list has 'liked' something... why do I need to know? I do tend to unfollow people that just do lots of 'shares' of daft things... and I'm probably a bad person as I tend to ignore friend requests from people I don't really know, but am just on a DT with. I joined FB originally to make sure I could see photos and updates from my daughters - and other family and close friends. Now their updates tend to get lost in lots of other posts. When I switch on in the morning, the first thing I do is do the 'hide post' on anything that I don't want to see.

So yes... I don't like what FB has done to blogging... but I do feel that I have to use it - but only for the reasons I WANT to. Not for sharing silly videos etc! It's nice to be able to run the ITP DT from there - I find that easier to do.

OK - rant over!! hehe

Big hugs
Christine x

Marlies said...

A beautiful Christmas card with a cute image!! I agree with your stand on FB.
I also have noticed lots of bloggers disappearing, all gone to just FB I suppose and that's such a shame! I must addmitt I recently(a few days ago) started a community page FB to show my cards to the non bloggers. I do hope that the bloggers still stay coming to my blog! Marlies x

Maya said...

WOHOO! Well said!
I totally agree with you, and I would love to see that the blogger came back to life.
So much more enjoyable than the FB.
Gorgeous card, and i love your coloring of Henry ♥
Have a wonderful week,
hugs from Maya

coldwaters2 said...

I am with you all the way Squirrel, I rarely use FB but love my blog and blogging, I prefer it any day to FB,
Loving the card it is so joyful and festive
lorraine x

Annette said...

I'm with you sweetie, totally not a FB fan, and can't remember the last time I updated my status there. I only use it cos I have to for DT stuff, and anything I post is on my blog. I'll join you quite happily on your soap box.
Love your Henry mouse card. And of course I LOVE that starry border die. :0) Finally one that I already have and doesn't have to be added to my growing wish list.

littlebee said...

Hiya Squirrel, lovely card as always. I totally agree with you about facebook. I don't use it for all the reasons others list, also I hear about facebook bullying from people who do. I love having my morning coffee and reading my favourite blogs, people sharing their love of crafting. I have several favourites that I visit who use their blogs as a mini diary in a wonderfully amusing way, some of the blogs I visit have stopped blogging, while others have reduced the amount of time they blog which is very sad, so come on all of you, make blogging the wonderful community that it has always been. Sue x

Sol said...

I don´t use FB.. because I would like to get visitors to my blog.. and I have sooooooo many friends on FB that do not care about my crafting at all.. And really... the real honest comments you will get on your blog. I am sure about that.
I will try to do my best to make 2016 a blog year. And share comments on blogs. I will try to use more time on blogs, than on FB..

And Hey... would´t it be fun to have something to share with friends, -that they don´t already know by FB....

Janette said...

Thanks for saying what alot of us are thinking, FB has made a mess of blogland, no doubt at all about that, and I know lots of friends who are sad about it, but I hope, by sharing this post of yours, we can at least re-kindle the happiness it has given so many, I know my blog saved me, and still does....off to share the word....
Love your card by the way....x

Lisa xx said...

Couldn't agree with you more! I use Facebook as a means to keep in touch with family and friends, crafty or otherwise, on a more sociable level. I regard blogging just as much a hobby as my card making and this is where I fuse the two things together. I am a bit of a place for everything and everything in its place kinda gal!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

YEP! I only use FB to keep up with family who live abroad. I and add some of my cards sometimes, that's about it. So I am with You on FB.

LURVE Henry and your printed paper.

Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Dear Squirrel! I am a new follower and was sent her from Mandy's blog. I totally agree with your views regarding Facebook. I have un-linked my blog with Facebook and stopped publishing any creation on Facebook. I have decided to comment on blogs only, because I think that a creation deserves more than an ephemeral like click. I love visiting an artist on her blog, and spend time admiring her creation and leaving trace of my visit. Yes I join you and your effort to make 2016 a blog year! I love your card, absolutely darling stamp and the Merry Christmas die cut is beautiful. very joyful and festive. Sending Hugs.

Brawny x said...

Confession time...I love your work but I must admit I prefer commenting on blogs not on FB posts and that is why you won't have got many comments from me. When I've clicked on a link it ALWAYS takes me to your FB page and then I haven't been able to work out how to get to your blog so I've left it. I also think that sometimes people who comment every day on someone's blog post get fed up when the same is not being done on their own blogs. I know I follow and comment on many blogs of people who never comment on mine and that may be that they don't know how to find me or that they're not so keen on my work and that is absolutely fine. I do understand that someone who has hundreds of followers can not possibly comment on every blog owner that follows theirs but how do those other people build up their own followers. Sometimes if I'm short of time it is those people who don't comment on my blog that Only get me popping in, having a look and not commenting but I do ALWAYS comment on people who visit my blog and leave me comments. Maybe that is why some people click the like button on FB - they make it to your blog but dont comment. I'm not sure if that makes sense...I hope so. Most of the people who follow my blog have come from me showing my cards on Crafty Bloggers on FB. It sort of reminds people you've posted. As I said I hope that makes sense. Best wishes Lea x


Kat W said...

Oh, you are so right hun. I treasure all my comments on blogger and pretty much do a happy dance every time I get a new follower!
I am not so fussed about facebook and in fact only post on there to promote my Folksy shop, not my blog.
Unfortunately I am one of those people who likes to post photos of food on facebook...mostly cake! Definitely keep up the Rosie posts; she always brightens my day :-)
I do wish I had more time to spend commenting on people's blogs though, so I can understand the 'need for speed' that makes people post and comment on facebook.

Anyhoo, I mustn't forget to tell you how gorgeous your card is...little Henry looks delighted to come out to play and I love the starry border at the top :-)

Big hugs, Kat xx

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