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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Another commissioned card

Morning all.  How are we today?  I am all of a tizz this morning, have no idea why, but I was in a rush leaving home for work and forgot to bring a couple of important things with me - the day will be a struggle without them too, so I am cross at myself for being so stupid.  I just have so much going round in my head at the moment that other stuff in there is being pushed into dark and cobwebby corners.
Anyway, you didn't come to hear me whittering on about early-onset, so let's get on with today's card.  This is another commissioned card - best friend Pig's brother is 40 this year and his pride and joy is his motorbike, so Pig provided me with a couple of photographs and said "do what you can".  I was a bit restricted by the size and shape of the photo and the colours of the bike, but here it is.
So this is an 8x8 card base
Lots of layers of orange and black to match the bike
(assortment of paper manufacturers)
The amazingly useful Happy Birthday die from Memory Box
Balloon die and stamp from MFT
Varsity numbers dies from Memory Box
The inside (which I forgot to photograph) is also orange and black with a white central panel, and a huge Happy Birthday stamp from the MFT balloon stamps set, together with a couple more balloons down the sides.
I took it round to Pig at the weekend and she said she was so thrilled with it that she wants to keep it now - I did suggest she gives it to her brother and then asks for it back in a couple of months!
Hope you have a super Thursday.  Our whole department is on the move tomorrow so for the next two days we shall mostly be packing moving crates.  Deep joy.
Hugs all
Squirrel xx


Doreen said...

A fabulous male card,great image.xxx

aussie aNNie said...

Lovely card for a guy, awesome in fact and gorgeous image used....♥aNNie
The Journey is the Start

Sarah said...

My life is a tizz at the mo Squirrel, Uni applications for youngest, eldest just changed jobs, resignations at work and extra hours for me + horses dogs etc, I don't know my backside from my elbow, so you are in good company!! LOVE this card, great colours to match the bike and I'm sure it will be well received. Hope they day gets better xx

Whisper said...

Oooo you have done a super job with the photos and your layout - i would have the same problem as you, as Alan's bike is also orange !!, Luv Sam x

KraftyKoolKat said...

This is awesome Squirrel and no wonder your friend didn't want to part with it.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

You have a whole menagerie of friends and realtions it seems! Fab card, sometimes special orders are hard but you got this just right, great colours. Don't get too stressed x

Chrissy said...

Superb Squirrel..you did a fabulous job using a photograph..love the orange and black.I love doing commissioned work but they always scare me when they suggest I use what they give me..you just never know!!


cebelica said...

This is great. You managed to find the papers that match the picture perfectly. Awesome work! Hugs! xx

Jackie said...

A fabulous card with a difficult subject, not suprprised your friend loved it :o)

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Squizz, are you ok?

This is actually a really great card it caught my eye on the old dashboard. The colours are cool and you've done a brilliant job incorporating the photo. Go you x

Faith A said...

Perfect, I can see why your friend wanted to keep it :)

Annette said...

Great card, and you're right, that die is so useful.
Hope you emerged safely from the packing crates hun.

Kat W said...

You did an awesome job of matching the design to the photo and I love the striking colours and that fabulous die!
I hope all the moving went ok!

Big hugs, Kat xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I'd say give it to the brother and then immediately ask for it back. You can't trust brothers to know where it is in a few months. Or anyway that is my experience with brothers. Lovely photo card! And yes, extremely useful die that one is!

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