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Monday, 27 June 2011

Plea for Assistance

Hi guys, no card tonight but instead a plea for assistance - can anyone guide me in the right direction to find instructions for making a pencil pot please?  Or a box that would work as a pencil pot? 

Cheers m'dears


Aj* said...

How many pencils require pottage of storage ?


Do you want to be a pedantic little mrs like me and store according to colour value so need lots of little pots what can be grouped inside one big pottage of storage..

Or do you want an actual wooden pencil box to alter ?


Fluffles said...

Is this just a crafty project for kids - mine used to use old Pringle tubs - the travel pack size were brilliant. Sorry no link though, we just made them up as we went along. Jx

Marcea said...

drop me an email chick - might have a plan!

Debbie said...

If it is for copic/pro-markers, I saw a fantastic feat of engineering on Norma's blog a while back, will have a go at linking you to her, but not very good at it!!
I am having a go at the very same storage, it's an old cd case, the box type that have slots for the cd cases, have a look and c if it's what you are after. Debbiexx


Kathleen said...

Hi squirrel I just found reading this blog about storing pencils. She had some fantastic storage idea. Here is her blog.

Hope this helps.
Kathleen x

theCook said...

I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but I made one out of cardboard.
Here's mine: http://faitmainparthecook.blogspot.com/2011/02/tlt-totally-ladybug-tuesday-anything.html
and I created it following the tutorial from Camille Carton. It's in French but I hope the pictures and a Google translation can help... You can contact me (blogdecuisine at gmail dot com) if it corresponds to your needs and you want more details...

Delphine said...

Sorry hun, I would love to guide you but I can't! Hugs Delphine xx

Caroljenks said...

Hi Hun :)

Try here

I found it myself just 10 mins ago before even reading your plea!

Carol x

Squirrel said...

I had an idea for decorating an old baked bean can for pen storage, but it never made it past the washing-out-the-can stage. I was thinking scrap paper to cover the sharp parts, ribbon around the top and bottom, flowers, sparkly and dangly things, maybe a stamped image on the side, lots of dimension with pop dots.

And don't leave it in the sunshine for the adhesive to perish and the papers to fade. Voice of experience here.

Oh and NUTS. Don't forget the nuts.

Any use?
Squirrel-down-under XX

Julie said...

Depends what you have in mind but check this out,http://milliemeadowsweet.blogspot.com/2011/02/cosy-cats-knits-and-bakes.html
it's the most fun idea for a baked bean tin/jar ever! I plan to make lots of these when I'm old and grey lol!

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