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Saturday, 21 March 2009

ProMarkers v Copics

Other colouring media are available!

After drooling over the results that others achieve using Copics I invested in some. Sadly, for me, it was not a wise investment as I really struggled to get to grips with them and could not get that lovely clean finish. Mine have now been rehomed where I know they are being loved and cherished.

However, determined that I was not going to be beaten by a marker pen, I bought a basic set of ProMarkers and, after a couple of attempts, I think I have managed to produce something acceptable. Oh I know it is not the high standard that my dear mate Alex achieves but it's not too bad for a beginner is it?

I've always used watercolour paints until now and I will probably continue to use them for a lot of my Penny Black images, but something about these pens and Tilda really seems to work. I just need to expand my palette of colours a little more.

Now, where did I leave my piggybank......?


Pauline C said...

Fab colouring Squirrel - love it!
Pauline x

Anonymous said...

your work is beautiful Squirrel :)

Anonymous said...

Hunny you have done a fantastic job of the colouring I love the card too! infact all your cards are fabb!!!! love the blog too!
and thank you for being a great gal! :0)

Zippy said...

You have done a wonderful job love! The card is just fantastic!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

You've done well with the coloring here and as your blog shows you've mastered the technique well. I was so anti-marker that I just couldn't see a use for Copics. Then I started dabbling with Marvy markers. They hold no candle to Copic or Promarkers but are a great gateway marker. ;-) Now I'm a Copic convert-although I'm not the expert that many others are with them!

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